Catching up a little

G'day all!

The last few days have been totally hectic!

In my usual way, I decided to overcommit myself in getting things make for Nathan's birthday.

Today is the first day in ages, or so it feels, that I don't have a deadline looming over me. (Nope, only got some stuff to mail and then I have NOTHING that IMMEDIATELY has to be done!) As usual under such circumstances, I feel a bit flat. All that work, now it is done and what do I have to show for it?

Umm, well....


and this

and this

Want to see more pics? Check my flickr photostream. I'll probably talk about the projects over the next few days a bit more, so maybe you don't want to see all the pics right now.

Oh and can anyone tell me why I, an Australian citizen, give one flying farnarkle that Teddy Kennedy died? But it seems that I do. I've spent the morning reading Ravelry threads on it. My goodness, some people are vitriolic! And others are magnaninous.

PS am uploading heaps of old pics from two years ago, pics that were on our old server. I'm now using Flickr as a back up for the pics. I'll be uploading even older pics at some point, ones that were on a server that no longer exists.


  1. Oh lots of lovely visual stimulation: pretty socks, gorgeous quilting and beautiful yarn!!
    I too overcommit. I had deadlines this week. Now I am having a little rest: bed, a hot water bottle, tea and a book!!!
    Looking forward to hearing about your pictures.

  2. Does it help to know that Aussies in Australia are thinking and talking Ted Kennedy?

    Love the photos.


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