What is it Monday?

G'day all!

I've been wondering what would grease the wheels of social intercourse on this blog. Admittedly being on blogger doesn't help because it doesn't give me your email addy = harder to reply to you cos I have to go find your address (and if you don't have a blog and I don't have your email anyway I'll never reply! And you will be sad, or at least think I am rude).

So, without further ado, I give you

What is it Monday?

(You can click through to Flickr if you want to see a bigger version.)


  1. Each week I am going to take a pic, most likely a macro shot, of something.
  2. Email me at natiel-three-one-one at gmail dot com (replace likely numbers and symbols with their keyboard equivalents) with your guess.
  3. Whoever guesses correctly gets a point.
  4. Note that I don't want you to comment with your guess cos then everyone else knows too! Send me an email instead :-)
  5. At some point in the future, I will offer the person with the most points a prize, likely from my Etsy shop (which I can now update with stuff that had been waiting for my work permit to be renewed and is now waiting for me to get off my slack butt and do something!).
  6. If I am feeling generous, there might be spot prizes for guesses that particularly amuse me or just cos. Spot prizes are likely to be beaded stitchmarkers - small, useful and light to post!

So email me with your guesses.

Yesterday I took a class with Lorna Miser on knitting sleeves from the top down. It was very interesting. Again when I get off my slack butt I shall take pics of the oddity we created during the class.



  1. I love your photo!! I even think I know what it might be: heaven's forfend!! But I do want to see your oddity!!

  2. LOL,Hi Lynne!!I presume you re getting lookers no comments!I always wizz past,LOL Ive finished that bag of orangey pinky fibre you sent when you were destashing,its on my Ravelry addie under Myfivesons,it came up very soft,methinks it ll be gloves for my Mum and the other darker one a pair for me
    Keep up the info links,that bag site is awesome

  3. Like the idea of working out the pictures, bit of a challenge! Have sent my guess for this one!


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