April's Personal Sock Club

G'day all!

Yesterday we did our taxes. At least we went to see the nice man who does all the tax stuff for us. Today I get a call from a rather snobbish sounding chap in head office. He was not quite rude but was not exactly courteous. Just enough to leave a bad taste in my memory of the call. There's a problem with my SSN or my surname. OK, call them, make sure they have the right details, see what happens.

We rode up and back. It was only about 8 miles but oh boy! I am still knackered a day later! It *is* allergy season here - the plane trees/sycamores are all bursting into flower and leaf - and I get knocked around some by allergies but really this is ridiculous! I hav eto go and do Lots of Stuff and all I want to do is vegetate with the computer. I can veg out on the bus instead.

Yesterday I also did the draw for my PSC for April.

Here's the "barrel" (aka my nifty red trolley lolly lo).

My arm delving into the barrel (gosh, love the way my arm looks bent in such a bad way! Camera angle and just the right angle on the forearm muscles?)

Coming up with a winner!

Hooray! A new set of Lenores! I can only find one Lenore now - I thought I couldn't find either of them but I can only find one. The yarn is a Hand Artist (lol - love combining Hand Maiden and Fleece Artist) yarn whose label I left in Colorado. I keep thinking it is Casbah but I don't think I could get Casbah then. It is very soft and feels squooshy in the ball.

After having a month of inspiration, currently I am totally lacking inspiration! I have to make a set of handwarmers for my sister, a chemo cap or two for a friend, do some sewing and y'know what? Nada. Zip. It's like my brain is full of pollen or something. I should at least get on with the charting I have to do for the shawl and for the Mini Mochi socks so's people can make them (pattern as well? You want a full pattern? Umm, that will take longer but some people have "plain vanilla" socks that they can stick a stitch pattern on and I have the stitch pattern!). I just have to fix stuff up in Gnumeric (open source Exhel), export them as a PDF and stick them on DH's website so's they can be downloaded. But first, lunch!



  1. Yay for The Lenores!! It is very exciting watching everyone open their Sock Clubs this month!!!
    The allergies are about here too, even though it is Autumn, I can see bits and bobs floating about in the air.

  2. I love the idea of a personal sock club. The Leonore pattern looks great :)


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