G'day all!

I had quite a pleasant day today, making stuff, finishing a couple of things (no pics cos it has been miserable and drizzly today, just after I had decided we would have no more rain this season), writing the patterns down before I forget them, going out to take Nathan a white shirt as he is singing with the church choir now (I got home so late that to get there I'd have to not cook dinner and also drive to the church), dropping into a LYS (well not *very* local but busable), waiting for THIRTY-FIVE minutes for a bus when they run every 15 minutes (I rang the transit agency and they said there isn't a problem which is nice but what happened to the bus that didn't run???) - if I had known that it would be that long between buses, I would've gone into the sewing machine shop to see if they have a darning foot suitable for my machine. I also would've walked the mile and a bit to Savers to do a bit of op shopping.

Anyway, I finally got home and checked my email.

One of our cats, Cheshire, is missing. She didn't come home for dinner last night and hasn't been seen today. I do hope our house-sitters find her safe and well, or at least find her in whatever condition. Her unsister, Nutmeg, is missing her - they've been together for four years now (!!!) and though they, like real sisters, don't always get on, they are often seen snuggling up together. They are allowed out during the day and kept in at night. When we first got them, Cheshire was a real escape artist - they were supposed to stay in for two weeks to learn about our place and three days of captivity had Cheshire busting a gut to get outside. So we let them out. Our street is fairly quiet (though being 500m long and straight and wide, tends to attract racers particularly at night).

Well it has rather put my day into a spin! Panic! But no point panicking cos all I can do is wait for an email or a call. I called home and talked to P and said if she hasn't shown up tomorrow, call the pound. The vets and pound are not open today cos it is Good Friday there and that is observed as a holiday in Australia (unlike the USA which has substantial Christian lobby groups, even though it technically is a secular place). So like Mrspao, whose Perdita is missing, I wait and hope Nathan's cat comes home.

I would like to show you pics of the stuff I've been making but really this weather is abominable! It isn't as if we have had a decent bit of rain either, it's just been gray and nasty. I've been making stuff for a friend who is having chemo. I made a cute cap over the last few days though I think it might not be her colours (but if it isn't, someone else will like it and I now know how to make another). I've also made her a couple of lightweight shopping bags that I think are pretty funky indeed! And the handwarmers are done but I want pics of them before sending them off. Next I have to make a baggie for an upcoming birthday and finish the easter sock I've been working on (I managed to get half the leg done on the buses and waiting for buses this afternoon and y'know what? I was not following the pattern properly - some of the lace is worked on every round and I was doing it every two rounds. Gosh it looked wrong - cos it was! So I ripped it back 18 rounds. Oops! Again no pic cos I was on the bus plus it was spitting every time I got off the bus).



  1. I hope Cheshire comes back soon. Cats are a worry with their excursions.

  2. I hope Cheshire turns up soon, keep us posted xx

  3. Gosh I hope you find her!

  4. Any news? Still no Perdita :(


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