The cat that came back

G'day all!

Good news!

(Old pic) Apparently Cheshire came home none the worse for wear. Lord knows where she has been or what she's been up to, but it was Easter and maybe she got locked in someplace she wasn't meant to be.

In more good news for those of you more interesting in knitting than rambles, I have finished one Not Lenore sock.

(excuse the hair in the pic - it was the best shot of the sock despite the hair.)

It is Not a Lenore because I knitted it in the wrong direction (toe up). I might knit the next one top down and do the lace pattern properly.

(Ever photographed something thinking it looks fine, only to realise when you are editing pics that there is a lump of really obvious fluff on the item being photographed?)

I had Big Plans today for doing a heap of knitting and sewing, but I just remembered that I have a dental appointment this arvo. That will take a fair chunk out of my day. Of course on the bright side, that means I will be sitting in air conditioned comfort for a while :-) (well apart from someone poking at my teeth.) Yesterday was fairly warm, today is also expected to bring record breaking temps and I will ride my bike to and from the dentist. I'll probably drool all the way home. Mebbe I'll go to the LYS and dribble at them instead - they have air con too. We do have air con here but it isn't very effective. A fan does almost as well with a lot less power usage and we are all about lowering our carbon output here (says she who drove 2100 miles last week in a car that only gets 30mpg).



  1. Woot! Glad she came home!

  2. love the sock

    glad the cat came back!! naughty kitty..

  3. Hooray for Cheshire! What a nice welcome home surprise.

    Lenore is really great-looking...better put it in the queue.

    Hasn't the heat been horrible? It's a lot cooler in Oakland today, thank heavens...

    Good luck at the dentist...I have a great mental image of you, pedaling along home, drooling all over your shirt...

  4. We are still pleased but there is a little twist to the tale, so to speak. Stay tuned!

  5. I'm so glad your cat made it back safe and sound! I love your new sock. So pretty.

  6. I am so glad that you cat came back!! What joy!!
    Yes I have done the fluff thing, and more.
    Good luck at the dentist, hope the dribbling is kept to a minimum.

  7. Very glad to hear Cheshire came home! It reminded me today when the neighbours came over, one of their cats has gone missing, so we've checked our outbuildings etc. just in case. They've just had their drive redone in compacted gravel and the cat in question didn't seem to like walking on it - reckon it's just off in a huff, hope so!

  8. Wonderful news! Can you ask her where Perdita is?


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