Catching up on everything!

G'day all!

Do you ever wonder if you will ever catch up on all the things that need to be done?

This week's theme at Meet Me at Mike's is catching up.

Catching up means different things to different people. I managed to catch up with some friends on Thursday night. One is having chemo and is getting a bit bored every second week (the week she doesn't have chemo, ie when she has a little energy). It was lovely to sit and chat and do some crafting (even if I can't count and stuffed up a very very simple lace pattern - silly me!).

Could this be the start of a square jumper (sweater)?

Another thing I've caught up on is my charity knitting. Yes, the squares for bushfire victims are finally done and sent off! It feels so good to have them gone :-)

(I love how wonky they look. They were tedious but the effect is great and I am now thinking maybe I'll do smaller squares, some missing their middles, for an afghan or throw or lap blanket.)

For the squares, I cast on 99 stitches (for a 10"25cm mitred square) for each of four colours and then joined them using intarsia-type looping the yarn when I changed colours. In the centre of each colour on the right side, I'd do a double decrease (here I used sl1, k2tog, psso but slip 2 together knitwise, k1, pass both slipped stiches over would look funky). At the end of the row I would wrap and turn. Every now and then I would ignore the colour change and just keep on knitting until I hit the next colour. Then I'd intarsia-style colour change to change colours. I just kept going, changing the colours pretty randomly - you'll see them "walking" around the squares. I ran out of one colour near the centre which means one colour did two squares in some places. Then I ran out of another colour, so I was down to two colours. I admit it isn't much of a pattern but if you can knit garter stitch, decrease and change colours, you can make some wonky squares too! And there were only 8 ends to weave in - one for the start and end of each colour.

The ride to the post office that is open on Saturday mornings had a happy side effect. Last year when I had to get my SSN, I rode off through the back streets of Campbell to the local Social Security office. Along the way, I saw a fantastic rose garden. I love roses. You will get lots of rose pictures over the next while most likely cos it seems that roses are hitting their spring peak at the moment. Anyway, I promised I would go back with the camera and take some pics. It only took a year! And I combined trips because the post office that is open on Saturday mornings is only 5 minutes away from it.

(that one is big and will obscure side bar stuff but the little one shows none of the magnificence. Oh and I like the sentiment on the poster.)




Now I wonder if I will ever catch up on all the other things I need to do and want to do, like clean the flat up, play with fusing fabric to make pretties, get to wholefoods to buy the bangers I want to have in tea (and also get more peppermint tea), work out how to display postcards and photos on doors, create window screening that obscures people looking in but still lets in lots of light, get my baby plants to GROW, GROW!, repot the African Violets, edit the remaining 1800 photos from our trip, edit the rest of the ones from January's trip, finish my Lenore (I only have the leg, heel and foot to go! LOL)... I am sure there is plenty of other stuff that I have forgotten.

Oh and I have my new EAD! This means I can update my Etsy shop with all the stuff I have accumulated, once I find all the photos. And I can do some more dyeing with the yarn I have remaining and if it sells, I can think about buying more to dye! Yay!



  1. AND.... you won a book on shetland trader YAY for you!!!
    That sooo could have been a sweater!


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