The blocks, the blocks!

G'day all!

These blocks are *killing* me! I am knitting and knitting and knitting and knitting - I've been knitting them for nearly 5 hours today, haven't even showered yet and its 1:30! I am making progress on them but oh. my. god. it is slow! Agonisingly slow. Plus somehow I've managed to not to the decreases right and have shifted them in two blocks, and on top of that, the blocks should all have odd numbers of stitches (two don't!) and even further, the number of stitches is different in each and every block! I am nearly out of one colour of yarn but I can deal - I have a totally different colour to introduce when I have to. I might do this totally different colour as a square in the middle of the block, just to do something different.

No pics cos I am lazy and also I have to open the door to get good light and I am still in my jammy-jim-jams. OK so not that many people walk past at this time of the day but it will disturb the juncos that have found the mesh bag of bird seed and are merrily partaking with many chirps and twitterings and shrill noises of annoyance. My food!

I think I will fondle the pretty fibre for a while (it's merino and rabbit fur you dirty minded so and sos!), have some lunch, shower and go out for a while, get cosy with my other Lenore sock on the bus or something. I've got to wash the car too. Thank heavens it is a "normal" temp today - 21C. Verra nice!

Given I am now down to 47, 42, 41 and 44 stitches on the blocks, I think I will finish them by tomorrow, just in time to block them and send them off to Oz. Pics then!

In the mean time, enjoy a pic of the other Californian Poppy.



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