FO - red cashmere fingerless mitts

G'day all!

Less grumpy today but no less hungry!

Yesterday I finished off my sister's cashmere mitts and sent them off in the mail. I hope she likes them.


Pattern - my own. After making quite a number of afterthought fingerless mitts three Christmases ago, I worked out how to make mitts that fit better. My body doesn't like tight stuff and groans a lot if squished, so I worked out a thumb gusset that lets my hand move better. This pair have 1X1 rib with cable crosses that are mirrored on the left and right mitts. Which is left and which is right is up to the wearer to decide.

Size - ladies 20cm/8" around the palm, not including thumb. Snug fit.

(There are two of them!)

Yarn - recycled cashmere taken from laceweight jumpers and plied up to be about a DK weight.

Needles - 3.75mm.


I even made tips so that if my sister wants to make them warmer, she can sew the tips on to the back of the mitts and flip them over her finger tips if she wants.


If I had a little more time today I would write up the pattern - I actually wrote it down! A miracle! Oh, except for the tips. Forgot to write down how many stitches. Ooops!

I used a tubular edge that was quite nifty. Most tubular edges use waste yarn but this one uses the same yarn as the main body yarn. (This still means you end up with some unwanted yarn.)

Here's the edge before the waste yarn is picked out. See how it seems to have a straight line?

And after - now the edge is rounded.
(hmm, not sure how I got the black frame on that one - usually I have to ask but this time I just reversed the foreground and background to get white drawn lines... interesting!)

This pic I hope shows the different between the edges - the left is not yet unpicked and the right is unpicked.

Heh. Just saw the video on this site. Would you help a little lost robot find its way to the opposite corner of a park?

DH and I are going away for a few days with a workmate. We are going for a drive inland, after going down the coast road a ways. We hope that Hearst Castle is open this time cos we will go there too. We expect to be back by Saturday - I want to go to Cookie A's book launch at Bobbin's Nest. If you are very unlucky I might be able to blog on the road! (The laptop's wireless card is cantankerous and doesn't like some wireless setups.)



  1. I can see the cast on makes a great difference. Nice mittens and clever end of the finger protector too!! Hope you have a good time away. Happy Easter!! (PS Easter Bunny brought Fish Fingers for The Labradors)

  2. Karen S9:48 am

    Oi, sport, is the moggie back yet?? Hope so!!
    Pls ring up when you come back for The Graduation (Day of Interminable Boredom..). I'm sure Nathan will look just dinky in his gown and bonnet! Is it a pretty colour?

  3. They are lovely! Going to look that pattern up.


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