FO - sorta Lenore

G'day all!

In a rush to the wire, I finished my second pair of Lenore yesterday. I am amazed at how quickly I knitted the foot. I turned the heel on the Scary Formula 1 Bus Ride the other day and then zoomed along the foot. Even the grafting of the toe went smoothly - I usually stick the needle in in the wrong direction at least once.

(Doncha love how the foreshortening makes ankles look thick?)

(This one makes my ankles look skinny and my feet quite odd)


Pattern: Lenore
Yarn: umm Hand Artist as I like to call it cos I lost the label and don't know which it is of Fleece Artist or Hand Maiden. The colour is reasonably accurate. I thought the camera would barf out on the red but it didn't.

Of course one of these socks isn't really a Lenore at all but we will forgive it.


In other news, we are about to hit my least favourite time of year. May. I know many people love May (at least in the northern hemisphere) but I don't like it. It is a deathiversary month. Both my parents died in May, one at either end of the month. Plus I seem to have a rampaging case of hormones and am feeling sorry for myself. I really need to find a job or something to fling myself into that takes me out of myself and this place. I am being a complete big girly wuss at present. I spent an hour wrangling with the thing that opens pics into the Gimp automatically this morning, and DH finds the right webpage straight off, then grumps at me strenuously because I made him miss his train (it took him a minute, he had not even eaten breakfast yet and would miss the next train anyway). Even not being able to open a bottle of "nutrient" water so's I have something to drink on my bike ride is resulting in me feeling tearful. (I've sawn the plastic bits apart, I've even drilled into the bottle to release the vacuum and it still won't open! Admittedly I don't have a rubber grippy thing but I should not need to spend 10 minutes trying to open a stupid bottle! I am having to squeeze the drink out of the bottle into a glass, which rather negates the whole portability thing.) I am trying to distract myself with ideas and plans, like ideas for the stuff I scored at the op shop yesterday. Gosh I got some stuff I think is nice! But there is only so far distractions take one when one is doubting one's own worthiness.

This afternoon I am going to take me and the bike up to the rose gardens, mebbe both of them, and also go buy a new monthly ticket for the local PT. I shall take extra batteries for the camera and take many too many pics, then wonder how one earth I shall ever get them all edited so that you can see them too. Plus I need to go to WF and buy a roast for tea. I had best get wriggling!

PS Just got the bottle open but wrenched a finger knuckle in doing so!


  1. Yes, it is very difficult to photograph socks 'on' in a flattering way. Still, yours look nice!!
    I have resorted to sawing the lid off a bottle. It was plastic and was meant to come apart from the ring at the bottom. I hope you are feeling more at one with the world!! And then there is my 'word' for verification: stings. I shall say no more!!!

  2. The Lenore's are lovely. I'm sorry about May sucking so much. The light here in May is similar to the light in October and I have a hard time forgetting that its not September and October. You could always try to trick yourself?

  3. Hug x I always feel like that in February.

    The Leonores are lovely.

  4. Let me know if you ever want a companion. There's at least a couple of days a week that I don't work.


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