Hi ho hi ho it's off to school we go

G'day all!

Last Sunday, I took my first ever knitting class.

Yes you heard aright - my first ever knitting class.


Why don't I take classes usually? Well many of them cover things I already know how to do and they cost money too. I am cheap (but not easy!) and have learned to do things by figuring them out from written instructions, pictures or even the odd you tube.

But this class was going to teach me some stuff about sleeves that I could not easily figure out myself.

It was going to show me how to do sleeves from the top down. And I figured that was well worth paying for. I only enrolled on Friday - I figured that since there was one spot left, it was fated that I should do that class.


And I did. And it was good and I learned how to do sleeves from the top down. Lorna Miser has spent a fair whack of time working out how to do the sleeve cap from the top down and should benefit from it, so I am not going to say how we did it!


The weird blue thing shows the sleeve caps and shows one left side that is gappy (above) and the left side that matches its rightside mate (not that I've shown that!) uses a trick to stop it being gappy.


In other news, I took a bus ride today to go get some fixings for some bags I am making or about to make. Sewn bags.

Anyway, I had the same bus driver there and back. Can I just say that I was so scared that I couldn't even squeak a "thank you" when he mercifully opened the back door for me at my stop? I was speechless! He went past every car that he could, he stopped in a hurry, he drove in the left lane not the right one that is close to the side of the road/bus stops, he had to cut cars off to get back to the bus stops (once to go buy the paper from the dispenser on the side of the road). He was going like a steam train. Maybe he thought it was formula 1 not a bus ride. Thankfully the brakes didn't fail. I sat and knitted like a fury and stared at my knitting as much as I could - I just couldn't look (but sometimes I had to). On the way back I chose a seat with a really good handhold in front of it just in case I needed to hang on to something in one of his furious stops.

I wish I had caught the bus that the petite black lady with plaits to her shoulders drives. She was smoo-oo-oooth! No jerks, no braking that practically tipped you into the seat in front or take offs that tried to imitate an F1 Ferrari. I wasn't afraid I was going to die in her bus - I felt more like I was in an oversize limo. But I haven't seen her for ages on the lines I catch.


Has anyone else seen My First Dictionary? It is hilarious and Not Quite Right. I would not recommend it for those who are very serious and liable to get upset by things that are not politically correct or perfectly morally exact.

I want a Yuba Mondo or a Kona Ute, I think. They look like good bikes for doing the shopping - mebbe better than an xtracycle!

Snidknits went to Greece and saw a whole lotta old stuff (and I am not talking about her husband or kids, though the kids found it all a bit old on occasion it seems). I am jealous!

Some industries need to be more than thoroughly spanked.

Aussies (and Kiwis) wonder no longer from whence your favourite foods arise.

Sir Terry Pratchett is using a light helmet to fight his early onset dementia. Weird!

I am making one of these nifty folding grocery bags. Hence the bus trip of terror to get stuff for it. Big shout out to Mrspao for the linky to u-handbag from ages ago. Next up I'll try making a backpack, only prolly not with waterproof stuff cos nothing will tell me if it is vinyl or polyethylene or what that provides the waterproofing. I won't use vinyl - it makes me feel ill!

I think that is your bloomin' lot for the nonce.



  1. looks like short rows.

    i'm happy to hear Sir Pratchett is doing better (i'm plowing through all the discworld books,lol)

  2. What a delightful selection of links. That dictionary site is going straight to my blogline feed.
    And I see there may be hope when my whatchamacallit gets worse. Light on!

  3. Marion3:38 pm

    Hi Lynne, Thanks very much for the great conversion charts for crochet hooks and the different wools. It will be a big help when I am doing some crocheting. Perhaps now the hat I am crocheting my 6 year old granddaughter will fit her instead of a newborn. lol I am glad I wasn't on the bus ride with you as I am a nervous passenger at the best of times. I would have been lying on the floor having an anxiety attack. Thanks again for taking time out of your busy schedule to find the charts. At last we have had a bit of rain here in Melbourne but of course not enough. It is getting very cold. These are the days I love being retired. Cheers for now, Marion


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