Earth Day 2009

G'day all!

I had forgotten all about Earth Day being today. Just as well I've been a good girl today!

I did a load of clothes washing in cold water (as always - clothes don't seem to suffer for being washed in cold water whilst hot or even warm water seems to make them fade quicker and/or bleed). I also ran a full load of dishes in the dishwasher and as always had the heated dry turned off.

I did do some shopping - I trundled off on my bike fully intending to take pics of wildflowers (native or no) on the bike path. I didn't take a single pic of wildflowers - I was too busy riding :-)

My aim was the Goodwill on Meridian and Hamilton. It has not been a scene of as many happy finds as Savers but where there is life there is hope and I hadn't been in for a month or so. But today it was truly an op shop - I found


One nylon bag of happiness (and a bargain!)

One wool and three cashmere pullovers/cardies. The rusty wool is for fulling.

And the best thing? Half price off all clothes! They were doing a roaring trade.

Plus the bag is huge and zips up into its own little pouch. It has a pocket behind the pouch and also a zippered pocket inside.

I didn't take a single pic of wildflowers but on my ride to WF from the Goodwill, I was tempted by bearded iris - some magnificent specimens out there but this stopped me in my tracks.





I love roses. I love how willing they are and how tough - it takes a lot to kill a rose (as long as it doesn't freeze too hard). I would've knocked on the person's door but their car had a disabled plate on it and I though it might be hard for them to get to the door. Mebbe I should print a couple of photos and stick a little note with it saying how pretty I thought their yard is (there's roses all over the place but I didn't want to put their house in the shot without permission).

Plus look at this tea tree! (Probably the NZ version of Leptospermum scoparium, might also have miniature leaves.) It has been topiaried into a ball. Look at the flowers on it!

Finally I did some more knitting on the squares I promised ages ago for the bushire victims back 'ome.

You would not think that I am almost halfway done with the knitting when you look at the big hole in the centre, but I made up a spreadsheet to work it out. I have another four bumps to go before I am halfway, stitchwise at least.


The pattern is mitred squares all joined together. It gets a bit tricksy to blend the colours. I should write down what I've been doing. The joins are umm average but no worse than sewing them together. The yarns are some Mission Falls 135 and Patons (Oz) Totem. I'm mixing normally plied yarn with a cable or crepe yarn. I had forgotten how much I like working with Totem. It is SQUOOSHY yet somehow crisp. There's a new Totem out which I have not worked with - it is merino. Dunno what the old one was - presumably Merino X Corriedale or something.

I've started uploading pics from our trip onto my Flickr account. Be warned, there are HEAPS! I won't blog them all on my travel blog cos really there are Too Many. I think I have about 150 from the first 1.5 days already. Ack.

What did you do today?

PS Had four white fillings replaced yesterday at the dentist in one hit! Admittedly two were on the one tooth I believe. After drooling in my LYS for a while (air con!) I came home and crunched on a pack of potato chips and DID NOT drool once! Yay me! And I am very happy not to have Bell's Palsy cos it must suck big bikkies - the anaethetic is annoying enough. (Though it might be hard to suck if you have a non-responsive side of your face.) Anyway I don't have to go back for six months! Even bigger YAY!


  1. i wash everything in cold except towels/underwear. they start to smell funky.

    sad to say, i didn't do alot for earth day, other than call and complain that my garbage men are lax about getting my recyclables in the truck.

  2. Glad the dentist visit was successful. I hate the bribble numb face thing.
    The roses are lovely: I can identify roses and mine in the front yard are blooming again.


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