thank heavens for knitted things!

G'day all!

We are still on our holiday. Currently we are in Arizona, almost Utah really. We've seen the Big Sur in daylight, two trains on the Tehachapi Loop, Vegas, Hoover Dam, all sorts of weird and wonderful rock formations.... Today we saw the Grand Canyon, well bits of it, in between snow flurries, showers and outright short-lived blizzards. Fantastic, if a little cold. When we left the Grand Canyon and dropped some elevation, the sky cleared and we had half an hour of sun before it set! Weather here is bizarre.

Tomorrow we look at Lake Powell, mebbe Bryce Canyon, Zion and travel to Cedar City. Thence homewards via Death Valley. I have to be home by Saturday arvo for Cookie A's booklaunch!

Would show off pics but the wireless at our cheap motel is a bit flakey. See you



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