G'day all!

What does one do when one has too much time on one's hands?


And this:

And this:

And this;

and this:

and this (4oz all up, 2oz shown):

and umm, this too:
(the front)

(the back)

This is the Amelia Earhart Aviator Cap (rav link), knitted in Lion Brand Cotton Ease (cos it is sorta bouncy and not wool and cos I had a skein of it sitting around waiting for something to happen to it). Didn't take long to make after I suddenly grokked that it is not ribbed. It has a travelling rib instead. I also used a provisional cast on and grafted the back seam together so's it is reversible and also has no itchy poky seam.

What a busy March! I've been sewing too but given that my work permit is about to expire, I have not been updating my Etsy shop. I have lots of pretties there and lots more to come, assuming the work permit does come through again. Hope it does!

I have done the draw for April's sock (gosh, typed March! Obviously I am living in the past) and will reveal all tomorrow.



  1. Wowsa - seeing your FOs altogether like that, you have been a busy knitter. Fingers crossed for your work permit!

  2. And every time I see that Hey, Mooch, I think, "Oh, gotta add Hey, Teach to my queue..."


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