Unreasoning lust

G'day all!

I'd like to think that some people leapt to the conclusion that my unreasoning lust is for my lovely husband on the eve of our fourth wedding anniversary but no....

The new Knitty is out and boy oh boy do I have total and unreasoning lust!

I want to make this only BIGGER! I'm mad. Totally mad. The Op Art baby blanket is consuming my soul.

Why on earth do *I* want to make a blankie? I've withstood the Hemlock blanket with a varying degree of success depending on how much yarn I find in my stash (now there's an idea - use up random stash yarns on an enormous doily with the gauge getting bigger as the blanket does...). I've scoffed at the idea of making a bedsize knitted item cos I know I will go totally insane with the long and tedious rows/long and tedious sewing up and weaving in of ends depending on the style of the blanket.

I guess I could make a baby sized one and then make a big one if I can stand it.... That way I can freak with some poor baby's brain (guess whose baby?) and then freak with my own. Yeah!

(Wow, just noticed that the temps in my home city and here are the same! It's been a while since that happened - I guess being summer here and winter/spring there... It is nearly 10:30pm here and 3:30pm tomorrow there.)

I took a momentous step today. I went to the local city hall and started getting me legal to sell stuff online here in the States. I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was and how nice the people were to deal with. Tomorrow I have to register my trading name (guess what it is?) and then prolly Friday I'll go apply for a state tax number/seller's permit/whatever they want to call it so that I can do tax remits and stuff in case I manage to sell stuff to Californians. I've been working on some stuff to update my shop with - it hasn't been updated for ages due to worries about selling stuff in Oz whilst I am here, and also trying to find out which of my friends Back 'Ome has the yarn or tops in question. I'm going to have stitch markers on it along with some recycled yarn and I'll try to build up from there. I might resuscitate my Etsy shop too. Who knows? It could all be a terrible disaster or it might all work out OK. If I don't give it a shot.... (and also if I get a seller's permit I wonder if this means I can get wholesale wool orders? Hmmm.)

(I might have real knitting content soon. Honest. Like pics of stuff, but I have to hurry cos DH is away all next week and he will have the camera)


  1. If you like that pattern, check out Wooly Thoughts! Their designs are amazing.



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