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G'day all!

(edited to add another banner - thanks for the feedback so far!)

I have more to post on the shop hop, don't you worry! But today I have been working on shop stuff.

I am making a new banner. The old one is, well, Old. See?

Here are some new candidates:

1. banner7

2. banner3

3. banner4

4. banner6

5. banner2

6. banner1

7. banner8

Remember if you click on any of these pics, it will take you to Flickr, where you can see the full size version by clicking on "all sizes" above the pic.

Which one do you like best? To encourage some opinions, one lucky person can win a set of five stitchmarkers. Get your entry in by 8pm PDT (heh, 1pm EST in Oz) Friday September 26 2008.



  1. While options numbers 4, 5 and 6 are interesting, they are in fact hard to read. Of those remaining I really like the shadow falling one ie number 3, it is clear and contemporary, nice!
    Good Luck with your change.

  2. number 2 number 2!!!!

  3. i like the yarn hungry critter! but of the new ones, 2.

  4. I like 3 and 4, but secretly have a preference for the original yarn monster! I think 4, while pretty colours, is harder to read.

  5. I think we need to campaign to keep the yarn monster! I like 3 and 7.

  6. My vote goes to number 3.

  7. I like #7 best of all. Good news about the whole being able to trade in the USA!!!


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