ah, whoops!

G'day all!

I discovered yesterday that the powerboard that DH's computer is on has a very flaky switch - flick it lightly and you interrupt the power supply just long enough to turn the computer off...

Then you discover that the computer boots and thinks it is on wireless, not ethernet. You try rebooting. You try unplugging and replugging the ethernet cable. (Next you will try the ethernet card if you can a) figure out how to open the box and b) figure out which is the ethernet card.) Then you get really desperate and run to the library.

My sysadmin (DH) is away. Boo hoo.

I busted the internet. OK, I didn't bust the whole internet, though this connection is so slow you would think I had, but I've busted my internet. So if anyone emails me or tries to send a message, you know what is wrong. I don't have email. I don't have any form of instant messaging. I'll be on the shop hop these next couple of days so I won't be reached easily unless you have my mobile number.

Enjoy your online worlds - I guess this gives me a chance to catch up on all those offline things!



  1. ackkk that sucks!! Hope you get it figured out sooN!!!!


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