G'day all!

I am feeling twitchy at the moment. I think it is partly due to a deep awareness that winter is coming. I know that as a knitter and spinner I should *love* winter, but I don't. I am a long days person, and the short days of winter Do Not Suit Me at all. The days here are pulling in rapidly and the evenings are lengthening. The only good thing is I start to think about making dinner a whole lot earlier when the sun sets earlier.

Anyway, I have to announce a winner!

Sarah, come on down! You have won a set of five stitchmarkers from my soon to be launched Etsy shop :-) (Let me know what colours/styles you like - I've got colourful glass, stones, dark pearls and weird metal shapes.)

Y'know how I said that I would show off some FOs? Well here they are in their before state... Um not they aren't.

Ahem. Someone forgot to get pics of them in the After state. Well they will wait another day!

More on the baggies when I've got pics!

In other news, I have a very near miss last night whilst cutting up an onion. I had been wondering if the big kitchen knife needs to be sharpened. Well it possibly could be sharper, but my little finger says it is still plenty sharp enough - all I did was tap it and got a thread of red across the pad!

(Scuse the colour - taken under compact fluoro light! Turned out yellow - i am not really that colour!)



  1. Thank you so much! This is my first blog prize EVER! I sent you an email this morning, so you probably have that by now. If not, leave a note for me on my blog.

  2. Glad you managed to mostly miss your finger!

  3. Just as well that it wasn't a knitting-impact injury; you should still be able to knit with an ouch on your little finger :)


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