Fulled you!

G'day all!

So over last weekend, not the weekend just gone, I did some fibre-reactive dyeing (in this case tie-dyeing). What fun! I have some tie-dyed towels (!!!), two t-shirts, did one for DH but have to re-do it cos it turned out green not brown after the red washed out of it, etc. They say that I should use hot water and Synthrapol (or in this case Dharma Trading's non-Synthrapol) to wash out any excess/unfixed dye. That means that I have to use hot water in the washing machine. hot water and detergent = FULLING!

So I grabbed my ball of Kureyon, looked at the instructions for the little felted bag, decided that they sucked cos I would have to seam the bag and designed my own little baggie instead, all done in the round from the bottom up.

So it went in the first load of tie-dyeing (I did two lots - didn't have enough tshirts to dye so I had to buy some "underwear" tees at Tarzhay). (Still don't understand why people get fussed about me buying stuff at Target - I'm not the only person! Why spend $50 or more on a "name brand" tshirt when I know I am likely to slop my tomato-based dinner down it and never be able to get the stain out again?) In went the little bag, frantically knitted in four hours or so on Friday.



Cool, huh?

Less cool was this. Two yards from the end of the yarn I had the dread knot.


See what a wonderful job of colour matching they did?

Then I got all enthused and bought a skein of Brown Sheep's Lanaloft in rather girlie colours. (I like girlie colours and they like me back - just as well cos otherwise I'd need to like colours more suitable for me.) I knitted up a bigger bag cos the Kureyon is only about 12 X 15cm (4 X 5") if that, and it is a little small for most purposes. The Lanaloft has a lot more yardage.

I did a fancy tubular cast on for it (garnered from Lucy Neatby's DVDs)



And knitted like crazy (on DPNs, no less! Didn't have the right size circs).



This bag measured 20cm across and 30cm long (8 X 12"), and has an inbuilt strap.

After fulling, it dropped by a third. It is still obviously bigger than the Kureyon bag, and I might actually use it!


It gets the bigs thumbs up! It is big enough to take my whopping big wallet and stays on my shoulder when i am on the bike too!



  1. Your bags look great! Congratulations on designing them just right. Particularly your second bag. Getting a felted bag to the end size you want seems a bit tricky to me. Your's sounds perfect.

  2. I love your bags, they are great. I love the idea of an inbuilt strap too. Hope your injured finger is better soon!!! We ahve started Daylight Saving. It is difficult for people at work, but we just do everything an hour later!!!!


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