Hey ma, hey ma, the boy is back

G'day all!

Well I am back online. Lovely!

The boy came home yesterday and the computer was back on line in a trice - it just wanted him to log in! Stupid things. Anyway, I use the laptop (which is why the colour is wonky cos it shows a much brighter pic than the big LCD screen Nathan has on his machine).

Anyway, I am waaaaaaaaay behind on blogs and getting pics from the Shop Hop last week online and getting my NEW SHOP up and running - yes, I got me all legal last week! I have a California Seller's Permit! I have registered my business with the local council and registered my business name. Woot!

Here's hoping I am here long enough to use the thing!

The best part of the Seller's Permit? I can buy stuff wholesale! No sales tax! (As long as it is not going to be used by the business.)

Now I have to run around like a mad thing and get either my old Etsy site up and running again or set my yarnivorous site up again - version two! A few people still want stuff off the old site and I must update it when I find the files - they are hiding in a very convoluted place on a copy of the old hard disk from home. I shall have to put on my pith helmet and go exploring into the deepest darkest heart of the old files.

So it is all happening! I have three posts on the Shop Hop just waiting for the pics to be put in, which I can almost do as I have internet again and can put them on Flickr. I'd better get on with it!



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