Recent stash enhancement

(after all a shop hop is all about SEX isn't it?)

G'day all!

I tried to be very good whilst on the shop hop. We are saving for various things:

a) me to go to RHINEBECK!!!
b) a car
c) a trip home :-)

All of those things add up - thank heavens the car should be cheap and if I have an ounce of control, Rhinebeck should be cheaper than the car....

Anyway, here's the goodies I picked up:

From Creative Hands, some Rowan and some Noro:
(on special, of course! Except the Kureyon which came with a free pattern.)

From Purlescence, a cute little gruesome amigurumi book and a totally to die for Grafton batt. I love my rainbow colours even though I am not gay. (and if you are gay, well that is not my concern - you may continue as you see fit.)

From the Yarn Place - two skeins of Koigu Kirsti and one of a wool/cashmere to dye up, both on special.

From the Knitting Room, the one skein hat pattern and yarn, and a number of old patterns in mostly basic shapes - I like basic shape ones cos then I can plant my ideas on them.

Half a pound of blue cotton roving to spin up, from Monarch Knits.

(Not at all to do with the shop hop) I saw this on my friend Jessie's site Piece of Vermont and had to have it. Note the name:




Next I will announce the winner of the little comp and also show off an FO or maybe even two.



  1. Pretty stash! Especially Jessie's yarn - I have some stashed too, so lovely!

  2. We are the knights who say Ni.
    Thank you, thank you very much!!!

  3. Mmmmm.. stashy goodness...

    Talking of MP, I think I saw 'every sperm is sacred' on Saturday!


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