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G'day all!

Once a year here in South Bay and associated areas, there is a shop hop. The idea is to visit as many shops as possible in the days alotted and get a "passport" stamped to enter a draw for a grand prize ($500 yarn from your fave shop). This year 19 shops are opening their doors to rabid knitters (and crochet artists and fibre artistes of all types).

The fun part is that the shops are pretty spread out over South Bay, west Bay and places south like Santa cruz and Monterey. SDunno if this google link will work but it is worth a shop. Or shot as the case may be... (doncha love freudian slips?)

I don't have a car. Some of those shops are nearly 100km away!

Well guess what I discovered? There is a BUS that runs from San Jose to Monterey! And it only costs $9 for a day pass that will get me all around Monterey and to the two yarn shops in the shop hop! I couldn't drive there and back for $9 even if I did have a car - not too many cars get 3.8L per 100km (or say 60 miles on one gallon of gas, which costs about $3.95 here at the moment). I have a bus pass that will get me to Gilroy to check out that shop, I might be able to use the same pass to get to Santa Cruz, where I might have to cough up some small change for the bus there... I can also get to the shop in Felton... The shops near SF are accessible by Caltrain and a bunch of gals are plotting a day out to check out the local shops!

So now all I have to do is plot it all out. The Monterey expedition will take a day - the buses run very infrequently and I must be on the last bus to SJ at 3:20pm (why don't they run a peak or post peak hour service?). Felton and Santa Cruz is another day trip. The near SF shops is in effect another day trip. Pity that I can't stop at Gilroy on the way through to Monterey cos that would kill three birds with one stone. I doubt I could go from SJ to SC to Watsonville to Monterey and do all the yarn shops in one day. There's just too much travelling involved even if I did have a car!

As it is, I think that either the Caltrain trip or the Monterey one will have to be cut cos I don't think I have enough time to get to both of those places - they have to be done on a weekday cos PT services aren't on the weekend (eg the Caltrain runs once an hour and is usually packed!). The car trip is likely to be on a weekday as well, so that requires three weekdays from two! We will see!

Oh my, I am exhausted jsut thinking about it!

I will have WIPs to show off shortly, just have to edit pics. Real knitting content soon.



  1. Oh that sounds like fun! So glad there is decent public transpo there.

  2. The #55 is a daily commuter express -- San Jose to Monterey is a long haul if you have to do it everyday, but it's nice to have for the day trip fun.

  3. I like the sound of that sort of journey but it would be exhausting!!


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