Stupidly excited

G'day all!

I am so excited about having nearly finished Mystery Stole 3 that I keep not knitting it. Given that I just realised that I still have over 2500 stitches to go, I'd best keep going, eh?

I've been busy this week - have to put up a post on Victorian, on the Move for our trip to a local iconic attraction (or two). I've been frantically knitting this shawl - I'm on the easy bit now that I can just work by remembering the pattern, not having to read the graph for every row for every stitch.... DH has been melting down in a bad way and I am seriously considering finding a GOOD doctor and shoving him at them, only finding good doctors is hard and expensive ($250 for an initial visit!!! CRIKEY!). It's also HOT! In the mid 30s all week! (Thats 90s for Americans) Makes it hard to go out and look at stuff. So much for this idea the summer "ends" on labour day weekend, which has just passed.

I was healed today. A guy on the train came and blessed me and healed me. I have no idea what I have been healed of but it certainly isn't hunger. I have to pass the blessing on, so all you guys out there are healed, OK? Pretend I blew on you too.

I am currently awaiting a box from UPS, actually Dharma Trading. It will have goodies for me to try out in it. Can't wait! It is on the truck at the moment and I am hoping I didn't miss the delivery this morning. I would drive up and visit them, but I don't have a car.

Now here is a moral dilemma for you. Regular readers know that we have gone carless. We are doing our best to minimise our carbon footprint. But a friend is offering us a cheap car, possibly. There are advantages to having a car in a country where you do not see yourselves staying. We want to travel and see stuff. There are places we just plain cannot get to by PT and bikes and walking, well not if we want to do a day trip rather than a week trip lugging all our gear on our backs. If I have a car to drive, will I still ride the bike? I think I would feel even more virtuous doing all the local trips by bike if I had a car cos then I have a real choice. And choice is what it is about. It is easy to be virtuous if you have no choice.

Speaking of choice, here's a little peek into what Melburnians think is interesting in the paper (the online edition).

Today's Top 10 Articles

* City of 8 million 'unliveable'
* Palin denies affair rumours
* Warship used for sponsor's function
* Overcrowding, but trains taken out of system
* Bristol's plight ignites sex education debate
* VP candidate blasts critics
* Payment cut ahead for pensioners and students
* Palin in the gun over sacking emails
* Condoms? You've stumped me: McCain
* Myer develops clothes for swollen generation
(The Age,, Friday Sept 05 2008, 7:30am EST. links inserted for a few articles.)

Y'see things like this anti-sex education thing seems absurd, anti-choice seems absurd, anti-contraception seems absurd... Fancy thinking that kids are not going to have sex until they are married - I bet the bright sparks who thought that one up had sex before they married and kids these days are a little more advanced shall we say... and America, whether we like its influence on world politics or not, has a huge influence on what is going to happen over the next while. So we are interested in the choice of president. And we are gobsmacked by the naivete of the current administration and one (anti)choice for the next administration.


PS Anyone not figured out I am a liberal? Some people would say pinko leftie communist but I am not that, I just think everyone should get a fair go. I think humanist is the best word.


  1. Take the car! Public transport here is really rubbish and you dont have to use the car often. Once the rain comes in the winter cycling really becomes not fun...when it rains it is torrential.

    The only downside I can think is that insurance can be expensive if you have not held a US driving licence for long. If you can get a letter from your Australian insurer saying that you have not made a claim in x years that might help you.

    ...and politics...I had to turn off the NPR reporting from the Republican convention...could not stand to hear those people spouting off!


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