Get the fire extinguisher

G'day all!

I am on fire!

So far this week I've completed one sock and a AIDS baby top. Plus I've done the foot/ankle of another sock since eysterday morning!

I give you Titania, horribly foreshortened and somewhat fuzzy in the centre, but you can see the "cable" running around gusset across the foot:

And a baby top in jacaranda - I love that colour:

(Scuse the crap photo and the top really is not for a baby shaped like a pretzel and in dire need of chiropractic care - it is hard to get it arranged on your hand cos you don't want to put it down in one of the charming old dunny-cart lanes in the back blocks of Carlton. BTW, scroll down in the second link, and down down down to the last story in that first link. If you read the tortoise story in the first link, yes they do wee and yes it STINKS! And whilst I am diverging, Martin Flanagan from the Age says this about current dunny carts: It seems a sign of our times that the truck attending to the portable toilets and known to previous generations of Australians as the dunny cart now bears the prestigious title of NON-HAZARDOUS WASTE DISPOSAL UNIT.)

I realised it was jacaranda in colour cos they are in flower now - they flower in Queensland in September, NSW in November and Victoria in December (ok, so they've been out for a week now, which means they started in November this year). Taswegians - when do your jacarandas flower?

Plus we've had a few nice sunsets, one of which is shown here

and despite the weather being feral (yesterday it went from about 15 at 1pm to about 32 and humid at 1:15, which is the time it took for me to check out a clothing shop and try some stuff on), some of the roses are still trying to look their best:

Isn't Scentimental a good rose? Smelly and stripy and flowers well - what more could you want?



  1. Beautiful stuff. I love that baby sweater color and the fact that you have actual trees that flower in the same color is amazing.

    It's good to read about the other side of the world so I know not everyone is living in gray right now....

  2. I have no idea, but I think they haven't flowered yet. I will keep a Tasmanian eye out. (We prefer the 'manian' to the 'wegian')
    Oh Titania looks great and I CAN see the lovely slanty cable wending its way across your foot!!
    We had the 'night cart' when I was little, I remember getting an inside toilet!! I don't remember a time before electrickery, however!!

  3. sweater and sock are both gorgeous. dunny carts were often called honeywagons when i was a kid. i lived ona farm, and we had a septic system.

    and i don't want to hear about summer there, when it was 9F this morning here!

  4. Oooh, the roses make me think of my new handspun from the roving you sent me. It makes me like those roses all the more!

    Cool socks.

  5. Thank you Nathan!!! I think I shall have a Fair or Fete month!!!
    I did wonder about the Accident and Emergency Pride and Prejudice!!!!

  6. Titania is looking pretty nifty. I am so jealous that it's warm there and things are flowering!


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