Ooops, or a picture tells a thousand words

G'day all!

Nominally this is a knitting blog but today I have no new pics of knitting to show. I have been knitting - I've knitted nearly half a little weird top for an orphaned AIDS baby in Africa. I've knitted more of the Titania sock and have less than 10cm to go on it. There has been knitting! Just not pictures cos it is night time and you know how crap my camera is.

Instead you get this:

Yep, that is my first ever turkey. The turkey that ruined my Saturday day - I had to spend 5 hours faffing around after it. I had to make stuffing. Turkeys don't fit into oven bags so I couldn't just chuck it in a bag like I do with a chook, nope, I had to baste the thing. Every half hour or less I basted it. I was paranoid that it would go dry and horrid, needing heaps of cranberry sauce and gravy just to choke it down, like nearly every turkey I've had. It was not too bad actually - reasonably moist, at least for turkey. Why a turkey? That's a turkey for American Thanksgiving, just a little late. I am not quite sure about why our American host holds Thanksgiving cos he basically says it was the mob who came across on the Mayflower giving thanks for the opportunity to wipe out a number of local tribes of Amerinds. Yet he has Thanksgiving each year.

Then there is this:

Nutmeg on her favourite purple furry thing, being a little hedonist. Note the paws - she is doing full on kneading as Nathan scritches her back in her favourite way. We indulge her in a lot of scritching and she keeps coming back for more. When it gets too much she just walks away.

But the real story of today, beyond good food and good company, was this.

An open door you say.

Hmm. Look again.

Oh dear.

Ooops! That would be the busted back door. It is really busted now.

Tomorrow we are off to the hardware shop, via Nathan's parents' place to get the big car, and we will buy a new door and new door fixings and yea verily we shall have a new door, a door that will (hopefully) not fall off on the cumquat or any other plant or critter when Nathan opens it a bit enthusiastically, a door that does not boom and bang in the wind even when it is shut, a door that is NICE and acts like a door should.

Since the new door and fixings are probably going to eat up my whole week's earnings, I can't buy a new camera. Until I get a new camera, you don't get good pics of anything, and few pics that you can see a big version of - the centre halo/fuzzy spot is getting pretty bad now. Maybe I should do an appeal - buy some yarn from my shop! I'll even update it - I have heaps of stuff to get online. I even have a spreadsheet now. It takes so much time updating the spreadsheet that I don't get the pics edited, the paypal link set up and the stuff online. 8-)

At least by the end of tomorrow I should be able to check the back door step more often to ensure I don't leave parcels out for days on end. LOL.



  1. good eats turkey

    you will never have a better turkey. mmmmm.

    and yes, thanksgiving that we celebrate today really has nothing to do with the original thanksgiving and why it was celebrated. kinda like christmas.

  2. The turkey looks tasty, but I'm a chook peson I think. You must have basted well, young Turkey Padawan Learner!!! Oh the back door is a bit sad isn't it??? But not missing parcels will be a bonus!!! Don't animals love the whole being patted and scratched thing?? I could pat The Labradors forever as far as they are concerned!!!

  3. So did Nutmeg and Cheshire get any turkey?

  4. I see now why you asked about my camera - it's hubby's Canon PowerShot S2 IS 5 megapixels - thus the nice resolution despite being blown way way up to make that ant visible.
    Am not a camera buff, so I know no more... :)
    Good luck re-dooring!

  5. I hope that evil back door didn't crush any parcels!!

    They do have oven bags for turkeys, but if you don't have a big demand for whole turkeys, you probably don't have access to the bags...


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