G'day all!

Thanks for the compliments on the scarf. I had fun doing the colours and getting it together, though after 300 rows of pattern it was getting a little tedious. A good exercise in zen.

Some people have asked after the finger. It is good, still all bandaged up and I'm still wearing the cosy, though it certainly doesn't need it for warmth today. Wednesday? Only about 10 degrees for most of the day. Cosy definately needed. Yesterday and today? 30 degrees. Celsius, that is. The biggest problem with the finger is that I think my fingernail has grown some and is slowly trying to pull the tape off. I sometimes feel that my nail is trying to explode. Oh and I definately need the padding of the cosy when I run around the house apparently smacking my hands at thin air but in fact trying to kill pantry moths - with the warm weather about a brazillion of them have appeared. I have the pantry moth trap - set it up about 10 days ago and it had about 20 moths yesterday. Today? About 150...

Here's the cosy - about 25 rows of garter stitch I think knitted together with the ends tying the top and a finger crocheted safety cord. I realised that I needed the cord when the cosy fell off for the umpteenth time, this time in the vegie crisper. Oops. Could've been worse - I'd cry if it fell in the toilet. (BTW, my fingers are not that short - it is the angle of the photo, honest!)

It has certainly fuzzed up a lot but I expected that cos it is subject to a lot of wear and tear being on my little finger on my dominant hand. Plus I've still been playing with (clean) fleece so it picks up fuzz off that. And I didn't bother weaving the ends in cos this isn't exactly something I expect to be an heirloom. I used some light DK weight yarn left over from sock making.

Now for the sockalicious part.

Around about my birthday I got my 5th Socks that Rock parcel. Great, I thought and set it aside.

Well suddenly this weekend I've had a bomb set under me and I want to make the whole lot of the socks (except for one that involves a LOT of k3 or p3 together. I jsut don't have the needles or patience for that....).

So in one 24 hour period, here is what I knitted:

Purdy, hey? (And I don't just mean my shapely white leg ;-)

Here's detail of the pattern on the instep:

This has been such a fast sock to knit so far. Admittedly it being about 30 and humid today meant I only wanted to flop around the place and knit a sock. The yarn is yummy. The pooling is interesting - nothing like what the sock in the photo looks like.

Plus I did a little more dyeing - another new colour! Some of you will *love* this new colour. But you will see that



  1. With that cool cosy, your finger is sure to heal right up! Your socks are fab - quick knitting!! That's a beautiful pattern on the instep.

  2. what you've got reminds me of my daughter's brace hwen she broke her finger. it was also dislocated, but would slide back into place when she curled it up, so they created a brace that would hold her middle finger down toward her palm. she was highly frustrated with it, but now the finger's in pretty good shape. only bothers her when it's really crappy outside.

  3. Cute little cosy. Very clever idea.
    Love the socks. They look very cushy and cozy.

  4. Anonymous4:45 pm

    Sometimes you just get in the mood to do something. Like socks. Holy cow, you already have an anklet sock. And in one day! Love the cables, by the way. They look really soft!

    - MJ

  5. Your sock looks great - much more attractive knitted than in the skein... Cute finger cozy - but poor finger...


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