Could it be...

G'day all!

We had a big day today, as yesterday. Lots more socialising. This introvert has had enough of socialising, so why am I blogging instead?

We had morning tea with the PiLs and their old friends, went to Bunnings, got a door frame, some potting mix, plants and something special with my gift vouchers from my birthday.

I knitted. Lots. Coffee with the PiLs was good. I got lots of knitting done then. :-) Chatted, caught up on the goss.

Titania is crawling ahead. Trying to keep the lace pattern working whilst decreasing every second row is a PITA. Here she is in all of her glory this arvo:

The baby top caused some degree of interest at morning tea. Here it is as it was before I finished the matching stocking stitch this evening at dinner with the PiLs:

See the needles? I am using some of the Denise needles Dreamcatcher sent me. I started swatching for something with them but they are really being christened with charity knitting. The top is a very easy thing to make - 22 rows of 2X2 rib across 44 st, 30 rows stocking stitch, add 12 st each side, another 20-odd rows of rib then cast off for the head opening, cast on again and do the opposite. I chose mauve cos I thought it would look very pretty on a black baby.

Can you see what is underneath? There is a hint there :-) No, not the baby outfit thing - gosh you should know me better than that! I used my birthday gift vouchers to buy half of it. Family are handy things to have sometimes ;-)

(A2 look away NOW before you are scarred for life.)

Can you see it? Now?

Isn't it cute with most of its bits packed inside it? Yep, we got ourselves a BBQ!

It isn't a high end BBQ but we reckon it will be quite adequate for our needs. It has decent sized plates - cooked a meal for four on only two of four burners. The Boy thinks it will do verra nicely indeed, and the PiLs helped christen it. Whilst I have titled the pic of the Boy and the BBQ as a man and his bbq, this is my barbie, baby! OK, so Nathan put it together but it is mine! I wanted it for ever!

Head is swimming now. Time to go do some spinning or something else calming. Work tomorrow. Blah. I think I'll tell the boss I can only work three days this week cos four days is killing me - I am so behind with cleaning and planting and maintenance after most of 10 days of not being able to use my dominant hand's little finger....



  1. That sock is coming along beautifully! And hooray for barbie's! I bet you'll get so much use out of it. It's a nice one, too! We have a littel charcoal one and it is literally falling apart. But grilling at home is so great!

  2. I like the sock! That looks like a nice BBQ. I really enjoy cooking out when the weather is nice, especially when the BBQ is big enough to do the whole thing.

  3. The sock is looking beautiful.
    BBQ's are the perfect thing to have when it is scorching outside. No more adding to the heat inside the house.

  4. my favorite meal to cook is on the bbq grill. steak, or pork chops, or chicken, rubbed with yummy spice mixes (depends on my mood), baked potatoes, and corn on the cob. all on the grill. no pots and pans to cook!

    my grill has a rack that hangs above the main grill, so there's not so much direct heat, and that's where i do the potatoes and the corn. try wrapping your corn in bacon, and then the whole shooting match in foil. it takes longer, but oooooooooh the flavor! (can you eat bacon?)

  5. I love it! What a great, Aussie thing to buy. Especially with the weather warming up. It's really hot here in Sydney right now.

  6. Mmmmm... grill....


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