To the American people

G'day all!

Thanks to the people of America for a late birthday present. Two years ago I was given a real lame duck present (the US elections were held on my birthday) but this is somewhat. better. Thanks, guys! I appreciate it ;-)

Time to get ready for work. It is sunny today - first day in well days when it's been sunny (I got sunburnt on my birthday wandering around looking at plant nurseries cos it had been cloudy and then got very sunny indeed).

Back later with some sort of fibre content....



  1. Two years ago, I was in Europe during our elections. (I voted in absentia before I left). I was amazed at how strongly the rest of the world (ok, France and Italy) felt about the results. It is one thing to know that our votes affect our own lives. It is another to see how much our votes affect others. Very humbling.

  2. I will be waiting to see your latest colour runs....

  3. I did my best on your birthday two years ago, but alas my vote wasn't enough. This year I guess I did better. Happy birthday. :-)

  4. I'm cautiously optimistic...

  5. Anonymous3:20 am

    My $0.02 on US elections: Born there. Still got the citizenship. No intention of ever moving back (why would I, when I'm lucky enough to live in Godzone?). But every 4 years, I vote in the US presidential elections. And I give my vote to whomever I think has the least parochial, least Machiavellian-cum-Realpolitik foreign policy (but no, I didn't vote in these half-term elections - just the Presidential ballots).
    My own little piece of activism :)


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