All sock, all the time

G'day all!

The socks continue apace! Well up to yesterday anyway.

ARGH! Spider in hair! ICK! That will teach me to go outside in the dark trying to get Cheshire in. She's been beaten up again and won't come near us - beaten up by another cat that is. She provokes fights and won't back down. Now she has to stay outside (she thinks) to protect her territory. Mongrel animal - I'll be off to the vet with her I bet cos she'll end up with wounds/abscesses again. Grump. Nut is much more clever - she runs away and hides.

OK, spider tragedy (tragedy for the spider cos it is the type that nests in my car and leave horrid webs all over it, so this one didn't get put outside) over.

Marcble Arches is done! The first one, at least. The pattern is the opposite to what I did (I thought I had cleverly reversed it but I hadn't) but I reckon they look pretty good anyway.

I like the heel for some reason. The fake cable curves cling to the achilles.

Now I'm onto the first Titania's Revenge sock. I thought this one was easy! The lace pattern is easy. It looked complicated but it was easy!

HA! Trying to get the decrease that runs across the instep to mesh with the lace pattern is pretty darn horrid. The pattern does not include instructions on how to do that - in effect it just says don't do a YO if you can't do a decrease. That makes it interesting to make look noice.

So I have had three goes at the one bit now and have decided that I will ignore the inelegance of what I have cobbled together and will knit on.

Since I couldn't take a single decent shot yesterday or today (crappy camera and crappy photographer combined), you get to see only this shot of Titania's Revenge - she certainly is avenging herself on me!

Hmm, what else? Work is like umm yeah. I have work until Christmas. I will be ready to move on to something else then. I have not had much chance to dye yarn. I GOT yarn in the mail! Yarn I didn't pay for! More details next time. :-)

Time for bed. A moth got caught in the window this morning and Nutmeg bounced all over my pillow/head trying to catch it. Today is my sleep in, no work day, so being woken up at 6:45am was not exactly appreciated. And the sod scratched me as I grabbed her and shoved her down the other end of the bed... (so the resulting itchy wheals helped keep me awake, along with it being very light and sun streaming in the window through the blinds).

This is the very sod herself, staring wistfully out the greenhouse door, not realising that the same cat flap that let her into the greenhouse will let her out again...

Mmm, sleep.

Tomorrow I have to stuff and cook a turkey - we know a few ex-pat Americans and they have invited us to Thanksgiving (a little late but like why on earth would Australians have the day off for an American holiday? I bet you guys there don't have Cup Day - a day off for the Melbourne Cup, a horse race. LOL). At least I'll be able to eat the turkey, and I'll take along a gravy mix I can have too. Plus a GF/DF eclair I bought today.



  1. Oh those socks look fantastic!!! Very intricate, too nice to hide in shoes really!!! Poor kittycats. They do tend to fight and then get all sick. Hope they are better soon. Excellent news on the job!! Happy Pseudo-Thanksgiving!! Hope there is no stabbing in any way, shape or form. I couldn't knit an upper calf cosy!!! Too much trouble!!

  2. Poor Cheshire. When Merlin and Jasper fight, I take them straight round to the vets for antibiotic shots so that any wounds don't turn into abscesses. The antibiotic shots are much much cheaper!

    Those socks are beautiful! I'm glad to hear about your job - how are the applications going?

  3. The socks are so pretty. Love the heel on them too.

    Poor Nutmeg, she looks so sad and oppressed. ;)

  4. Wow noice socks,I was disappointed that the patterns not available to us poor(bought too much stash this year) knitter filk......
    Poor pussy,lots a cuddles due?

  5. That Marble Arch sock is a stunner! I love it!

  6. Your socks look great. I'm right there with you on a sock kick! I think it has to do with Christmas coming up and socks are easy and quick!

  7. That Marbles Arches sock turned out great! Heh, silly Nutmeg.


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