A blanket

Apology, that is. Those of you who are not locals don't need to read this but those who are may want to.

I am sorry I did not check to make sure my group email about the gathering went through. I did not realise that it was not received by about 95% of the intended recipients.

I am sorry I did not send details earlier. I am not a very organised person. I screwed up and whilst trying to take a lot of the blame pushed it onto others.

I am sorry that I threw the happy birthdays given to me on Thursday back at people ("But my birthday is tomorrow - today is M's birthday!"). It was rude of me. I did not realise people thought the 2nd is my birthday instead of the 3rd. My yahoo email address (natiel3) has a three for my birthday. I hope this is a useful mnemonic.

If you were offended by my behaviour, heck, even if you weren't, please accept this humble and open apology. I did not realise my behaviour was offensive. I will try to do better in the future. Those of you that I see at crafties tomorrow, I will apologise to in person.


  1. hey, turning mumbledy will do that to ya!

  2. I'm sorry we didn't turn up to your birthday do.

    I'm also sorry if the egg cartons were a bit lame, they were supposed to go with the rest of your present as a useful extra, rather than the whole.

  3. If it's any consolation, I got both messages and the beau and I had a great time at the park (I wished I could have stayed longer - drat that virusy thing.)

    And remember, if the pressie K & I gave you isn't going to work out, let me know and I'll get a refund and buy you other fibrey goodness.

  4. Hey,you didn't offend me! LOL I am too far away,anyway these "online journals" are supposed to be where you can balst or mope or what ever,I could do a lot as life is in a hole at moment but I visit your blog everyday to see what you have come up with!!!!!Fibre or otherwise.....


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