G'day all!

It is frying here at the moment. OK, it says it is only 30 outside but it is about 38 inside, despite our best efforts with fans and open windows. The cicadas are shrilling - I don't remember hearing them any previous night. The weather is freaky - the clouds are raining but they are so high up that the water evaporates before it gets anywhere near the ground, so the radar is showing massive amounts of rain falling but all we are doing is flopping around feeling ever hotter and more sticky....

Around 6pm the clouds looked like the belly of a grey tabby cat - all sorta furry. Of course since it was furry, the camera couldn't focus on it. Dang these cameras and their fancy pants inability to focus on fuzzy stuff. If only I could take a happy snap with my eyes instead.

I would show you the picture of the finished Marble Arches sock but I didn't cos it was pretty dull outside. But it is done! Very cute too, even if I did put the pattern in the wrong direction - the stuff swirls in the wrong directions and it has a distinct slope to the top of the sock... It is a fake cable, btw - it uses increases and k2tog/ssks to create the effect of a cable. I can't share the pattern cos it is a STR sock club pattern and so is only available to those of us who coughed up the bikkies for it.

Instead, I found a new colour on the weekend. OK, so it isn't new but this particular mix is new to my dye pot.

It is of course a true purple! It is a colour that the camera does not capture well but you get some idea of it in the pics. And no your eyes do not deceive you - that is wild raspberry in the mix too cos I am a girl and like pink and purple together.

Hands up who likes purple?

For those of you who appreciate a different part of the colour spectrum, I give you a fire skein:

I bought 50g of luscious merino in browny/orangey/firey colours and to make it go further I am spinning it with some brown (??)comeback fleece. In some lights the colours just pop out and sock you in the eye, in others the lustre of the fleece grabs your attention. Weird!

But I revert to type.

This lot is next on the drumcarder I'd be guessing. See if I can make me some batts o pretty colour.... But first I have to hammer my darling husband. You know how he is supposed to be cooking for me? Well if I waited for him to cook on these warm nights, I'll wait until this place freezes over, and that is not going to happen in a hurry! I hint, I suggest, I tell him what to make, give him options, but he plain does not want to cook. The annoying part is that he is a far better cook than I am. I think he has cooked maybe three meals in the last week. The rest I've had to make. Grrr.



  1. I like purples and pinks too. Although the fire skein looks pretty too.
    I like heat, but that kind of heat sounds crazy nasty. I can't blame either of you for not wanting to cook in that kind of heat.

  2. That's a very pretty purple you have there!

    I had wondered what happened to the rain...

  3. That purple yarn gives me inspiration. I just had my first real spinning lesson and I'm motivated to spin.

  4. Wow! That is a lovely purple :)

  5. Purple, amethyst, bluish red, heliotrope, lavender, lilac, magenta, mauve, mulberry, orchid, perse, plum, pomegranate, reddish blue, violaceous, violet, wine - thank you!
    Violaceous would have to be my favourite :)

  6. Well, I suppose if we're having days of 60F in our "winter" (we being in the "cold" north country), I'm not surprised that you are having toasty temperatures...

  7. Love purple but the firey colours get me too,in fact I love all colours

    Good luck in the cooking stakes,if I asked,suggested to DH if he would like to cook,it would down to the cafe in a shot,I would dearly love a home cooked meal that I haven't done anything to wards... the lost lament of a MUM

  8. Anonymous3:43 am

    That purple and pink yarn - if I weren't on a yarn diet (again) I'd scrag fight ya for it! ;)
    Apparently there are other colours than purple. So I'm told. I'm not buying that, myself ...

    (hope you like your prez - there would have been 10, but there were only 9 in the shop!)


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