G'day all!

Today I thought I would share some colour with you. Who'da thunk that I would spend 90% of my spare time in the last week frantically carding up any of the fleeces I can lay hands on? All washed fleeces. Some of them are even dyed. I had a lovely time on Friday shoving more and more washed fleece into the pot and throwing colour at it.

2paw, when I carded up the green puff on the left, I was thinking of you. It was soooo very green.

I bought another new dye colour at the guild when I got my drum carder. Here it is in all its lack of technicolour glory in laceweight single (quite representative of the colour) and a DK yarn (with added mauve).

Just in case you think I have gone dull and boring in my old age, think again!

And I am still knitting - two socks at the moment. I must download the pics so you can see that they exist and are real and I am not just faking it.

Haven't got pics yet of the most recent dyeing or spinning. I love the dyeing. One lot is going to Donni for winning the whizzy contest or was it the birthday comments? Or was that Sue? Anyway I have to get their snail addies before I send off anything!

My drum carding has slowed down over the last couple of days mainly cos every time I hit my poor slicey diceyed finger it HURTS! (Plus if I do it hard enough, it bleeds, again.) I had to go to the dr yesterday to get it looked at cos it had split open. Oooh, yuck! He put a butterfly tape over it after pulling it mostly shut. He covered it with filmy fibrey stuff and said it will take easily a week to close over (and longer to heal). In the meantime I should make sure it doesn't go yucky and keep it dry. No immersion in water. (I am very glad it isn't my armpit or bits....)

So you know what that means? NO DISHES for a WEEK! Very little cooking preparation since I can't wash stuff or handle meat. Meat is right out - an easy way to get it infected apparently. Poor Nathan is suddenly having to take over doing all the dishes and the cooking. He has hardly done any of it since I quit work. (NB I had to cook cos someone got on the blower and talked for an hour... dinner ended up being at 10:30pm.... grrr....)

Mental note for self - do NOT jam that finger in the shower again! It hurt so much I was speechless (yes, me stunned into almost silence except for the gasping whimpers) and my nose started running from the withheld tears of pain.

I made my finger a lovely little cosy out of some leftover sock yarn. So pretty - magenta, white, lime. Then I lost it on the way home tonight. So I knitted another one. Pics later. The idea behind the cosy is that it provides a bit of cushioning for my fingy cos the dressing on it doesn't cushion it at all. You would not believe how many times I've bumped that finger in the last two days. Plus writing is a chore cos I rest my hand on that finger and it can't bear the weight. Typing hurts cos I am not using that finger so my hand is having to move in ways it isn't used to. That being the case, I should shut up and let you get on with doing what you were doing!



  1. Extra ouch - I didn't know it was so serious. A finger is one of those bits that you don't realize how much you use, I think, until it hurts. Hope it feels better very soon!

  2. You poor thing. Be careful of the Domino Factor. You concentrate so much on protecting the injured part, you slice and dice something else!! I love the idea of the finger cosy!!
    Do you know people remember me because I like green, and I mean years of remembering!! The colours look lovely and I'm glad you haven't sunk into pensionerhood after turning mumblieth!!! Nice bright and cheery!!
    I wear my green socks I knitted from your wool when I walk The Labradors!! I think of you then!!!

  3. gorgeous fleece...and yarn

    oooh your poor finger!! Cant wait to see the little cosys for it!

    I would have been more then whimpering I think if it was me.


  4. Great colors!

    I can totally empathize with your hurt finger. Isn't it amazing how much we bang ourselves on stuff and never notice it until there is a tender spot? Makes me cringe just to read about it!

  5. Ouch, sorry to hear about your finger! At least it is still possible to knit, that would be awful!

    (I would love to see a photo of the finger cozy you made for it though)

  6. gah! hearing about your finger is making me oogey. hope it heals well, and soon.

    and i did have one question for ya. your post says monday, but i didn't see it until wednesday morning, my time, i know you're about 12 hours ahead of us. i'm confuzzled!

  7. I love the idea of a finger cozy :)

  8. Poor finger!! Mine's twinging in sympathy - it had stitches a few years ago.


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