Lynne's busy and can't yack at the blog at the moment

G'day all!

Posted somewhat later than it was meant to be - blogger had a hissy fit and wouldn't publish it...

Some links to keep you busy whilst I am busy...

The Island of Misfit Patterns. I particularly like this one,
naughty squiddy but I like this one from a different site even more - Kristi's squid.

I got those links from kelpknits.

Interested in greywater? This mob in the US seem to have it right...

Scroll down this wikipedia page about Donald Rumsfeld and note that once upon a time he was happy to be seen with the big SH.

I've been enjoying wandering around NASA's visible earth, particularly this page about Australia's temperature oddity in October. There is also this page showing the drought affected areas in SE Australia. (I live just to one side of the top of the little hook shaped bay (Port Phillip) near the centre bottom of the map.)

Interested in plate tectonics? This might be just the ticket!

Jae - yes, the rest of the world is vitally interested in US politics cos the US is the last remaining superpower. When it throws its weight around, someone is gonna get squashed. We expect great things of the US too and the current administration has been disappointing in the extreme. Many of us feel that the US is not the shining beacon it once was. *political mode off*

Hopefully that lot will keep you busy for two ticks. I am not working tomorrow so I might have some time to catch up! Hooray!



  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you! for the cool site of Misfit Patterns... I've plastered their site URL just everywhere - and naughty squiddy cracks me up =D

  2. Heck, many of us living in the US are frustrated and disappointed with the current administration, its irresponsible foreign "policies," and its gross abuse of civil liberties.


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