We've got a gusher!

G'day all!

Had a little accident before and now my left pinkie finger is gushing blood. Blasted inconvenient. Doesn't it know that I need it? Having it dripping blood is not very handy (boom boom). Also inconvenient is the fact that whilst I can deal with "dead blood," I tend to get a little overexcited when it is bright red, pulsing blood and in particular my blood pumping out.... So if I am even more ditsy than normal, you'll know why - I am ignoring the tissue that is turning red and the throbbing in my finger, along with the fact that my ring finger is doing double time on the keyboard cos my little finger is taped up dead straight and it is the tip that I cut. You would not believe how many As there are in the words we use.

I have been soooo busy recently, and tired to boot. I keep getting a sore throat that goes away with a good night's sleep and comes back during the day. That is the joy of working and commuting - exposure to all sorts of crappy bugs.

On Thursday, the couch guys at Crafties (yowza! Shift key action hurts!) gave me a voucher to BAAG, my favourite non-native nursery. Woo hoo! I can buy 7 bags of sheep manure and a little plant! (Or mybe I'll buy some nice plants or a nice couple of fruit trees :-) Peeve gave me a GF/DF cookbook that has some really luscious sounding stuff in it (it has no pictures but sometimes no pictures is better cos imagine can make nicer food than pictures). Thanks guys!

Last week, Mrspao reminded me to watch out for a parcel - some extra birthday action! Yee haar! So I watched out and watched out (and you would not believe how tired my ring finger is getting from doing two rows of keys) and nothing arrived and nothing arrived... sigh. Normally the post fromt he old dart to her (and vice versa) is excellent - 3-4 days. Better than it is to the other side of Australia!

Yesterday I noticed that the quince tree, which is living in a foam box until it gets a permanent home, was looking floppy so I went out the front door and around the back to water it. You might ask why go out the front door - why not the back door? Well, the back door has a little problem. The upper hinge has been screwed into the wood so many times that the wood has given up the ghost and split. We need to replace the door frame thing but the panelling all around is asbestos. Plus we want to remodel that whole area so we don't have three doors in 2m. The upshot is that we rarely open the back door.

To cut a long story short, what do you think I found on the door step of the back door?

ah-huh. Like who leaves parcels on the *back* door step?

It had been there for at least one night cos the snails had had a go at the label.

Yum yum yum.

Lookie what was inside!

Lots of chocolatey things that I *can* eat and then have to go for a bike ride to try to work off again. :-) My favourite biscuits! Yummy! Some choc buds that are me-friendly so I can make a chocolate cake out of the book Peeve gave me. Plus a yummy skein of Fyberspates sock yarn! And some really great candles that will be dragged out for birthdays for years to come - can't light them! Or maybe not until my 42nd. I am hoping that by my 42nd I will have worked out the question to Life, the Universe and Everything. (oops, I didn't get the card in the photo - it is a sock monkey. LOL)

Thanks, Mrspao - what a great and thoughtful parcel! I shall treasure each morsel as I stuff it down my throat! (Actually, if you have not worked this out yet, I am the sort of person who tries to make treats last as long as possible, so if I got 40 eggs at Easter I would eat one a day for 40 days unless some were big eggs in which case I ate about one small egg's worth a day)

Ah, dinner has arrived. Dinner is the reason why I sliced my finger - I managed to knock the slicey dicey thing and failed to stop myself trying to catch it as it fell. Interestingly, dinner is somewhat blood coloured cos Nathan sliced up a beetroot into it. Flavoured by hand?

Speaking of flavoured, the other night the cats were snuggled together in a rather unfortunate way.

You can't really see it but not only is Nut's face in Cheshire's backside, she has a fang showing.... I'd have more than a fang showing if my face was in such a place. You do that again and I'll bite!

I've got some pics from the local show and some recent projects but for now?


PS - knittyspinner who is blogless, I was thinking you are doing amazingly well for someone who is nearly 80 - extremely well preserved! You are doing well for someone of your real age :-)


  1. Aren't snails such voracious label eaters??? What a great surprise!! Those kitty cats - The Lavradors lie like that sometimes too!! There is no accounting for it. Hope the finger regenerates well!! I think you'll find 42 is NOT the answer, but we could just pretend it was!!!

  2. If you're having trouble typing 'a's... that means you've hurt your Left Hand Pinkie!


    (There's something decidedly spooky about reading of your injury in the morning, then finding this fibre and handspun site in the afternoon.)

  3. No wonder those snails were trying to get into that package so badly! They wanted some chocolate! Hope your finger heals up quickly. I know exactly what it's like to have a pinkie finger out of commission because a few years ago I needed stitches in my pinkie after opening a can of catfood and the can bit me.

  4. Hope your pinkie is better! Glad you found your package and liked it. I had a lovely time exploring the local health food shop to put it together ;)

  5. Such lovely pressies. This way your birthday celebrations can continue on for ages.
    From your ageing, but not too aged, friend.

  6. Gorgeous gifties
    you have Yin and Yang kitties

  7. Wonderful birthday package!!

    Um, the sore throat during the day that goes away with sleep then returns? Usually allergies...


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