A new month and GOODIES!

G'day all!

How did it get to be November already? That means only TWO days to MUMBLE! (Sounds like I should be getting false teeth so I can mumble by taking them out...)

This part of the year is full of memories for me. The parental units' 55th wedding anniversary would've been last Friday. Mum would've been 76 on Monday. Today is the birthday of my first True Love, whom I haven't seen in 10 years. Tomorrow is a friend's birthday, a friend whom i've known for 21 years now (that makes her my oldest friend).

I've been drooling over online yarn shops, particularly over sock yarn, particularly sock yarn that is not STR (!!! - I joined the STR club and have four lots of yarn untouched yet....) or Lorna's Laces. People have been raving about how lovely their wool/tencel socks are so I figured I'd best get in the way of it too and ordered some a week ago from Socks That Fit. Nice quick service cos it arrived today.

Oh, some more sock yarn got in the bag too - dunno how it jumped in my online cart but it did.

Then the STR Club yarn showed up today.

When I first saw it I thought "Ugh. Beige, black and white but when I took it into better light I saw it is indeed a mushroomy pink and browny black and cream.

It has odd yellowy spots through the pink.

I love the bits that came with it - the usual little keyring of yarn, the card and THIS. ARGH! How can they do it to me! Have a STR club getaway. Unless I win Tatts this weekend (which means buying a lottery ticket) I have no hope of affording a trip to the USA just for a sock club getaway. The Harlot is going to be there and Cat Bordhi and all sorts of interesting folk and here's me stuck in Oz! Admittedly the idea of braving homeland security with a pack full of yarn could be interesting if you like rectal probes, etc, but really..... And flying back home = 15 hours of knitting time. Flying out wouldn't = any knitting time cos Oz still bans knitting needles on planes - we must be in the stone age, honestly.

Plus my ISEIII scarf showed up! Hooray!

It is a very pretty, soft little scarf - less than a handwidth wide and just over a metre long - in dark bluey greeny sea colours (which I like :-). It came with a bar of green tea soap, made in Australia (sorry, I'm allergic to perfumed things) and a lantern moon needle holder. Cool, huh? It came from Knittingirl, who has a little surprise on the way for herself I see - congrats and thanks, Knittingirl!

OK, that is the acquisitions done. I have opened one present already but haven't got photos yet cos I am slack, aren't I, Karen? I have a parcel from my good buddy knittyinpink and a card from another Brit friend. Wonder if any more will arrive? Not that I am acquisitive or yarnivorous at all :-)

Noone has guessed my new colour yet. I thought it would be obvious from the different colours showing up in the yarn, particularly in the CHOCOLATE hibiscus colourway.... Is that enough hint? ;-)



  1. There is something about the approach of summer and sock knitting, which of course means sock yarn.

    Now tell me, does that mean that if you join the STR club they will ship to Australia?

  2. Yes, I'm amazed you have access to STR too. Are you 'special'???!!! Summer is sock knitting time. It is too hot to knit anything else. Is your oldest friend your 'oldest' friend??!! I'm sure you will survive your birthday!!

  3. Errr ... chocolate?! :-D

  4. Ok,its bloody chocolate....it should be as I just consumed a pile of Ferrero Rocher(the hazzelenut ones!),and a cup of green tea,my treat after shifting a huge pile of mulch with my assistant and volunteer DH....
    I envy the time you must have, to do all that knitting and dying!!!!

  5. There will be a little something in the mail for you coming soon :)

  6. You're right. That is very cruel of them to have a STR getaway which would be hard for you to make it to. Maybe you should come up with an Oz version of the getaway. I'm sure there are people there who'd like that!

  7. I contacted the STR place when they first put out interest about the club to check that they did send to Australia and they were only too happy to do that - I just couldn't afford it at the time....rather envious - will email you for more details Lynne.

    (PS - don't worry about the mumblieth b-day - Ooooops - that is today isn't it! Welcome to the club - it's all ok - really!

  8. I'm thinking about the STR club for next year (though i will have to win some lottery sometime to afford it) - on balance, would you recommend it? Have a lovely birthday!

  9. I really like the ARGH yarn...you will be delighted to see this knit up.

  10. Glad you liked your scarf - sorry about the soap! Enjoy...


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