Up and down like a yo-yo

G'day all!

I'm a total stress bunny currently. Can't really talk about it. I am good but one person in particular is not so good, like really not so good. They are up and down like a yo-yo and I am really struggling to help them. Now I could just walk away and say "Deal with it yourself" but that would create a whole lot more problems than it would solve.

So I really don't know what to do. I am pretty isolated here in Sydney. Yes I can ring people back home but I sorta feel that it is pretty manky to ring people only when I need help. (I'm pretty bad at staying in touch, if you haven't already figured that out!) I've been writing stuff, making stuff, walking, working, doing things to look after me but the load is getting too much for me to deal with. I need some of my energy for ME.

They are seeking help, btw, and are in active care. They seem to have gotten worse, not better so far, but AFAIK that often happens. But the appointment happens once a week and for the rest of the time? Argh!

Anyway, I think I'll track down some SnBs up here. I know Morris and Sons has one on Thursdays (though I am a bit peeved with them due to their pricing policy on yarn. They don't have a price list or prices on the yarn - you have to ask. That gets VERY old VERY fast so I don't shop there much for yarn. I want to know how much I have to stump up from the very beginning, not set my heart on something and discover it will cost $160 to knit from that yarn....). There is one in Newtown (a fair walk away) this Sunday. I need some knitty friends! But I am shy and won't push myself forward (this might make a number of people laugh).

Plus the Sydney quilt show is on this week. I am meeting up with a quilty person and her friend. (I've been working this arvo so that I make up for loss of time on Wednesday.) I have swimming tonight. I am a woeful swimmer - I have two shoulders that are pretty dodgy and I can't do freestyle or backstroke - but being in water is good for my lymphoedema and also just for me. And I am managing to swim 3/4 of a lap now - 75m - in one hit. Hooray for me!

For the nonce I shall try to hang cool, make my new dress (I am sewing lots more than knitting these days but that is because it is easier to sew with the lympho sleeve on), make a new little stuffed dragon (should be extra cute if I can get it to work, have lots of handsewing to do on it) and swim. And work of course!



  1. Hi Lynne,

    I'm sorry to hear things are not so good. Here's another group which might be useful for you.


    This is from a link on Marie-Helen's blog, WittyKnitter.

    They meet in Newtown on a Saturday afternoon dates are in that blog. Right near the station behind old Town Hall across from police station. This make them about halfway between Coffee and A Yarn and Granny Square. I went once when I was living about 15 minutes walk away, but life seemed to often get in the way of other meeting.

    Email me if you like. I'm reachable distance from you and I have a son with bipolar so have a bit of understanding of things. Ex husband also had issues, to put it mildly.

    And Lynne, in one sense you can do little yourself to improve matters. Really can't say much here.

  2. I agree with Jan,without saying too much,heading in similiar destination but what I will say look after yourself for if you get ill or run down you cant help yourself let alone the other person,take care,Hugs

  3. Hang in there.

    Have you checked on Ravelry for local meet-ups? I seem to recall seeing a post from someone named Lynne in San Jose a few years ago ... (-:

  4. Good luck with all of that. The stuffed dragon sounds cute. Being in water can be very relaxing regardless of how vigourous or otherwise the swimming itself is!

  5. Glad to hear you are doing something for you. You never know the swimming may help to loosen out the stuffed shoulders!
    Best of luck and good management with the other issues.

  6. I am sorry to hear things are tough, and I hope you are feeling cheerier now?? I can do the breast-stroke in swimming, it is nice and I don't get my hair wet!! Take care!! I hope you find a nice knitting group. Oh I am like you too, if there are no prices I am loath to buy anything!!


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