Catching up

G'day all!

Will I ever take more pictures of the things I am making? Will I ever catch up with all the things I want to show and talk about, let alone the stuff I want to do?

I've been bad. Yep, I got me more material online. More airmail.


Riley Blake "Happier." I am a sucker for little twee designs with bugs and birds and wiggles and stuff. I also have a half metre of the fabric that is on top of the charms and layer cake.

Plus I bought some patterns, but I forgot to take pics of two of them. I really should tell you where I bought the fabric too but umm... yeah... found the packaging. Above All Fabric.


I spun some lovely BFL/bunny fluff from Ixchelbunny. Go give her some love, she's had a total disaster as her angora rabbit farm has been devastated by calicivirus. Seven years of breeding down the gurgler, her livelihood and many of her little fluffy loves lost.


I have no idea what I'll make with the yarn - I am a bit shy of 300m, which is not enough for socks or for more than a kerchief of a shawl. The yarn will self stripe if rows are not too long. (It will self stripe anyway but it won't show up well.)

I am finally at the heel of Nathan's Tardis socks. omg, this has taken SO LONG. OK, so I am knitting two at a time but really! (Dang, I just had to rip out the heel. I use a version of Cat Bordhi's heel increases and didn't do them on one side of the heel = very wonky heel! At least I can start the heel over again, rather than having to cut out a whole new lot of material!) Still no pics - navy sock yarn, very little natural light here now... if I could hang it out the bathroom window I'd get good light there but umm difficult!

I must remember to go for a walk at the start and the end of the day. Because we don't get good light here, afternoons dwindle into twilight without me noticing many days. "Oh, it's dark, I need to put more lights on!" But once in a while I remember to choof on out around sunset, and sometimes get a nice reward.





  1. That fabric is so cute, I am a sucker too: great minds think alike!!(Fools seldom differ)
    I read about the terrible bunny disaster, it is just awful.
    TARDIS socks, that's what I am meant to be knitting. Oh well, they can be for Christmas.
    Yes, it gets dark early here, it's dark at 4-30pm if the weather is cloudy. Only a fortnight to the Solstice and then it's lighter!! Nice picture.

  2. Lovely sunset :) I'm looking forward to see what you make with the yarn and fabric.


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