Climb every mountain

G'day all!

Today we climbed Pigeon House Mountain. It is about a three hour drive to the south of Sydney.

It involved climbing some really steep rocky bits (and a whole lot more less steep and rocky bits but hardly any less strenous!)

Feats of athleticism

Many muddy puddles,

and lots

and lots

of ladders
(The second set of stairs in this pic is really a ladder, like a monkey bar ladder with round treads and all. I am *terrified* of ladders like that)

to get to a view that looked like this:

(pity it was cloudy, eh? Apparently you can see about 100km of coastline on a good day and the amazing plateaus and cliffs of the Shoalhaven.)



  1. Wow, that's some climb. It is very well organised though!! Lots of ladders. I climbed a mountain (hill??) on Maria Island and it had lots of loose stones. Luckily there was no cloud and I could see the sea. You till had a good view, there should be a mountain climbing medal!!

  2. Hey Lynne - I am just catching up on your blog! That is quite the vista... you know I think the clouds add a bit of mystery and romance. I absolutely love your rainbowy quilt and can't wait to see it quilted. Enjoy that free motion!

  3. You're a brave woman! I wouldn't have enjoyed climbing like that but I bet it felt amazing being so high up!


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