G'day all!

One of the things that amazes me most about living in the inner suburbs of a large city (and Sydney is large, over 4 million people and rather sprawly) is the persistence of nature.

I found a little skink in the laundry today.  I caught him and took him outside. The pics are on the big camera, not the phone.

Then walking through Ultimo, this fern caught my eye. I often see ferns growing out of buildings, even buildings in the centre of town.

(ok, I'm blogging on my phone again so the pic is at the end)

It's things like this that keep me sane. I'm not used to living in a place where I'm so divorced from nature. I do get to see sunrise quite often, now that it is winter, but sunset often goes unnoticed as our place has no westerly outlook. Things just get duller and duller instead.  And the plants around building are not inspiring, and we don't have an outdoors space. The tree that greets sunrise outside our window is lovely but our view is mostly of bitumen, concrete and blond bricks. So I find nature where I can.

And these little reminders remind me that there is more than just bricks, concrete, bitumen and steel in my local environment.



  1. Would not like to live in the inner city myself - working in it is fine 'cos I get to go home to my garden and my view at the end of day. But if you have to, at least you make the most of it!!!

  2. I would miss having he bush so close to me. You are doing an excellent job of finding Nature!!


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