Well it amuses me...

G'day all!

Why yes, I *do* have an awful sense of humour... But this number plate does amuse me.

Started a new little quilt today. My so bad! But the colours are fantastic and once it is far enough along, I shall share it. It will be very pretty. Much nicer than the number plate...



  1. Thats a very nice number! lol

  2. I wonder if the asked for that number plate??? I giggled too!!

  3. Many years ago when my dad bought a new car he was issued a POO number plate - we (my siblings and I who were teens at the time) were VERY relieved that he had personalised number plates to switch over to!

  4. Hehe - I used to have a driving instructor with poo on his plate. His wife had pee.

    He wasn't a very good driving instructor though.

  5. My three year old is currently addicted to asking me to either spell words for him or he spells words he knows and asks me to say it. I'm sure you can guess his favourite word.....a huh Poo.


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