Sunday rally

Gday all!

Last Sunday I attended my first ever political rally.

I say yes to reducing carbon emissions. Ok, I am a hypocrite because I still drive my (little) car and much much worse, I have been in a plane (and flown places) about once a month since August last year. And I am addicted to Stuff, like most other members of western society. I buy and consume merrily. It is a conundrum that I am still wrangling with.

I sometimes wonder why I care about all this stuff. After all, I don't have kids. (I do have nieces and nephews though.) But for me, it isn't about humans in particular, it is about the whole world. Everything is tied to everything else. We are much more reliant on our environment than we care to admit.  Without a biosphere that can support us, we are stuffed, and we'll take a whole lot of the biota with us cos it needs the same conditions as we do.  And that peeves and grieves me. All that diversity, all that life in all its infinitely varied forms...

But if enough people stand up and say yes, we want to move away from a carbon based economy, maybe we can make a difference.



  1. Well said and well done!! I always feel happy that we have Hydro power, even if we do pay polluting power prices.


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