Just the ticket

Gday all!

Had a lovely day today :)

Met up with Mandy and Rachael at the Sydney craft and quilt show.

Wandered around, chatted, saw lots of really groovy stuff, did a screen printing workshop (boy did I get ink everywhere!), bought stuff... I'm going back on friday to do a couple more workshops and look at the stuff I didn't have time to see.

Pics of us, Mandy's tea towel she printed (so clever!) and another tea towel with pink elephants (more so clever!) with Rachael's blue flowers (made with a masking tape resist, cleverness!). My tea towel doesn't have a pic yet...



  1. Wasn't it was such a lovely (if slightly wild & crazy) day! It was so good to meet up with you. Please post a photo of the dress you made and wore, it was gorgeous, and I'm not sure that I told you.

  2. So glad you had a fun time and those tea towels are great. I saw some on other blogs too, they were very popular!! Is that your new dress?? Look very pretty!!


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