Another day at the craft show

G'day all!

Thanks for the enthusiasms over the dress. I like it! I just wish there was a Sew Serendipity Flickr group. (Maybe I should ask permission to make one?)

I went back to the craft show today. I wanted in particular to do a certain class that I hadn't realised was happening on Wednesday. Too late! All booked out. Sniffle.

But I still went to a number of excellent talks (applique, still dead skeered of applique!), using precuts and nifty templates (bought said templates, only $20, have to try them out now!), talks on colour by Reece Scannell and umm Kathy Doughty from Material Obsession (who I found out are in Drummoyne now and I've been walking within a hundred metres, or driving TWO DOORS AWAY, of the shop and never known! If you follow the link, I walk past the little ferry symbol at the bottom of the map or if I have a car, I go around the roundabout by their shop on my way to (ahem) Spotlight...). (Alas, we got a bit distracted during Kathy's talk as a lady fainted and then threw up as is common after fainting - noone ever mentions that, do they? In the audience was a nurse who went to help when the lady fainted, and was repaid with chunder... whoops.)

I got all horribly enthused about EVERYTHING!


I bought a screen printing kit and 3 extra inks over the ones that come with the kit - I had promised myself that I was going to get one once DH got paid (don't like spending the emergency fund on whims!).

I bought a pattern drafting kit for a lot of money (but I get two hundred patterns for the price of 10 patterns so I figured it was good value and it has a lot of classic styles in it that I can play with).


I bought more fabric, including some Saffron Craig (below).



More yarn (including yarn for a hat that I have to knit within 10 days for a wedding in a couple of weeks).

Some fibre reactive dyes cos Nathan wants to dye stuff and someone 8-) left the dyes in Melbourne. I do have a pic but really? Little packets of dye? No. (I bet he doesn't realise that he will be standing at the sink being a washing machine because it has to be washed in HOT water after dyeing and the laundry in our flats does not do hot water - I ran the whole trough full of water once and it still was cold cold cold.)

I walked to and from the show today - I have no idea how much I walked up and down (but I did every aisle twice!) and on top of that walked an extra 6 or so km! That makes up a little for the hot chips (fries) I bought on the way home. It also meant I saw things like this:

(a car share car that is going NOWHERE - it is boxed in all round by hole in the road digging stuff)

and got take pics of today's loot (by dropping everything on the grass by the waterfront - people probably thought I am mad but at least I got pics!)


and pics of the sunset. (I got to the craft show at 9:30am-ish and didn't get home until nearly 5pm!)


Egads it is lovely around the waterfront at sunset. The lighting hides all sorts of flaws and industrial eyesores, and if you look at the big version of the bridge pic, you might just be able to see the traffic is bumper to bumper all the way across... There's a reason why we pay the big bucks we do for the dumpy little flat we live in 8-)



PS - pop over to Mandy's blog and Rachael's blog - my partners in crime from Wednesday.


  1. Yikes, Someone fainted!! That's dramatic!! I would have liked to have gone to Kathy and Reeces talk. Good on you for getting a printing kit!! And that pattern drafting tool looks great! I agree Glebe at sunset is pretty cool.

  2. Hi Lynne,
    Nice2MeetU, What a great blog you've created. I enjoy viewing your artworks and your experiences, great pics of sunset. Hope to see you soon again! Stop by my blog and join my blog hop; "LOVE THAT BLOG" so others can see your inspiring blog.
    Happy Creating,

  3. What excellent purchases, that pattern drafting kit looks really interesting. Nice wool cute stencils and what excitement with the fainting and vomiting. Very pretty sunset pictures too. (and my 'word' in inkerm!!)

  4. Lovely purchases - the fabric is so gorgeous. You have such a good eye and I'm still smitten with my kitten print project bag you made me once.


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