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G'day all!

I hauled out the sewing machine over the last few days and sewed up a little quilt top and backing, ostensibly to practise my free motion quilting.


Cute, eh? I had a few difficulties getting the pic as the quilt top and back kept doing this:

First though I have to make up quilt sandwiches of scrap material and batting (I don't have much scrap! I use it all and my favoured batting is hard to get here) to practise the quilting. Quilty Pleasures is hosting a free motion quilting tute, or twenty.

But colour is the thing and these have plenty of colour. The front is made of some white homespun cut to 5" blocks (aka charms) and a charm pack of Robert Kaufmann Kona square in umm? Classic? (Can't find the label, must be tidying up too much for my own good!). The backing is from my stash of plain homespun, a stash that is still growing as I find more colours that I like. Note there is no yellow or orange. The yellow in my stash got tie dyed accidentally when I washed it with a rainbow of colours. Ooops. (Don't ask me what I did to four metres of ivory homespun but umm, it isn't the same colour either.... oddly enough when the tie dyed towel ran on the homespun, it did not mark the pastel green pillowcase that I'd put the homespun into.)


Whilst I am on a colour kick, I hauled out some more top to spin. Some of Mandie's multicolour with black bamboo that I picked up at Bendigo last year (Bendi is the Australian Sheep and Wool show, the biggest place for fibre in Australia!). I might not be able to go to Bendi this year - I'm in a different state now and the drive is many many hours. The idea of flying down, getting on a bus (cos the trains are cancelled as they are doing major trackwork), wandering around Bendi and then doing it all in reverse is a bit much for me to contemplate. Anyway, most of the top is now spun up. I'm doing a single with it and once it is done will share the results. I think if I have enough, I'll make some sort of little shawly thing with it, a plainish one cos umm this yarn is going to be plenty busy enough!

Finally, this


is what I wake up to every sunny morning. There's been a few sunny mornings recently and having the tree outside the window light up is fab. And thank heavens we are getting close to the shortest day, because I am getting tired of the sun being so far north and then setting before 5pm. I forget that it is winter, even though the temperature tells me so!, and the sun sets early in winter.



  1. Love your quilt!!!and what a view you have in the morning!!!

  2. Oh you have a new font too. Very pretty quilts, love the colours on the top and back. Yes, I've accidentally coloured fabric as well.
    The trip to Bendigo does sound a bit too daunting.
    I am not looking forward so much to the longer days as that's when the weather gets colder. Not that I mind the cold, it's the frost on the dog car of a morning!! Nice view out your window.

  3. Love those colours!


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