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G'day all!

Have you seen the patterns in the current Knitty?

OMG. So. Many. Things. To. Knit.

I think I added 8 or so items to my waaay long Ravelry queue. (That link goes directly to the queue so you have to have a ravelry log in and I am too lazy to go open up all the links to Knitty.)

Double Heelix (socks).

Date Night (top).

Lingerie (socks).

Rhodion Lace Shawl.

Dragon Wing Shawl.

Undercurrent (cardie/hoodie).

Leaflet (short sleeved cardie).

Then I followed a link to Nikol Lohr's blog and read through and added Sally Cardigan to the list. Heck, it can play with the other 317 items I've got in my queue.

The most annoying part? If I knit for very long, like more than about 20 minutes at a time, my stupid lympho arm starts playing up. Grr! It is my right arm and I'm a thrower, I might try picking but I've never done lace whilst picking. Could be interesting! Might not make a difference anyway but I should give it a bash if I make something more simple - I've knitted some stuff mostly picking before, it's just I can throw without thinking or looking at my knitting. I've been knitting like that since I was about 18 and practised until I got it working well for me. I should get the picking going well too, eh?


Today I bit the bullet and quilted my latest little quilt. I was going to practise the pattern on a few scraps but umm, well I got all enthused and practised on the quilt instead. And this is practice for a big quilt. And umm, the quilt is actually flat, I just didn't have a flat place to put it near the lights.


It ain't perfect, nothing I make is, but I don't mind. I like it even with its uneven stitches and distinct lack of squareness on occasion. It is much more heavily quilted than I normally make things. I know how to avoid some of the mistakes I made now and I certainly won't be quilting the big quilt as densely. I'll also be moving it much more slowly - this little one slipped around like a squirmy thing quite a lot. The big quilt won't!


Work for the next three days. I've been wrangling Flash for weeks now, starting to get a bit over it! And then I read that HTML5 is going to take over anyway. But that is ok, if I can wrangle Flash (and I can make Word put a picture in the spot I want it to *and* keep it in that spot 90% of the time) I reckon I can wrassle with pretty much anything!



  1. Loved your quilt and the quilting is fantastic!!!

  2. I quite like the new Knitty, I knitted a hat in one day I was so enthused!!! I love your quilt, the colours, the squares the lovely quilting!! Good luck with your wrangling.

  3. Love the quilt - it looks amazing :)

    I am also in love with Double Helix....


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