G'day all!

Just got a message from JetBlue. I had to report the damage to the suitcase at the airport or within four hours, or by about midnight on Monday night. I should've reported it at the airport. Given that there were no people who obviously worked for JetBlue there, just airport people, and I was VERY VERY VERY hungry, I just came straight home. The only things I found to eat in NYC and the airport were two munchie bars, a soyghurt and a drinkable soyghurt, and nothing at all in the SJ airport. I hate airports for that very reason - everything they offer is wheat based or cheese stuff, and the few fruit offering are likely to cause me embarrassing gastro-intestinal problems.

Now we are down a suitcase.


All cos they have rules that they set without telling people. I am not from this place, I don't know what the rules are but I am expected to know by osmosis or something.

I wonder if we can find a decent set of new wheels for the case, or if it would just be easier to chuck it in the dumpster and buy another one when we want to travel with suitcases again. I prefer to travel with soft bags but if I have my spinning wheel, I need something with a solid frame. I do have a large old one with a half-busted zipper and the smaller one that stacked into the newly busted one.... Anyway, I won't buy a four-wheeled suitcase again cos the wheels are just not up to snuff.

Can anyone tell me why I am hungry all the time? Is it because I hardly ate whilst at Rhinebeck and now I am home and unable to get to WF (cos someone locked my bike to his with his lock and I don't have a key) and have run out of things to eat that are munchable that I now need munchies all the time? Or did I just munch all the time before and now am noticing it cos I can't munch on the lack of munchies here? (Methinks the latter)

Ah well. I am getting my revenge on DH for using the wrong lock on the bikes. Yes, he now is going to have to have lentils for dinner. I have run out of meat, except for the bits of turkey in the stock I will use. I have almost run out of fresh vegies and cannot buy more from the farmer's market a mile and a bit away because of the very same problem. No transport and I won't pay $1.75 for a bus partway there and another $1.75 for the next bus to get me there, and another $3.50 to get home (obviously I would buy a $5 day pass, but really how silly is it to not have transfers or just a ticket that lasts two hours and lets you catch as many buses as you can?). Lentils it is, in turkey stock with old sad vegetables cos they will do well in a soupy type thing.

One day I will report my Rhinebeck goodies. Are you still waiting?

PS. Just bought a car. Whee!


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