Oh the joys...

G'day all!

The flat above us has been vacant for some time (hooray!).

Yesterday someones moved in.

What would be the worst possible outcome for people who are childless and modest in their noise output? What would be the worst for people who had to put up with two little boys running around above them for six months?

Well it isn't a small boy above. Well actually it could be - I am fairly sure that it is a small human cos I don't think people would put up with it if it wasn't. It is a squalling infant - h-wah, h-wah, h-waaah! It is already quite obvious in its wailing and I am pretty sure that it has not developed its lungs (and hence its squalling ability) well yet.

Now I know that small babies can't help crying but oh gods, why did they have to move in above us? What have we done wrong to the world that we need to be followed around by children and babies that are loud enough to wake us up at odd hours? Is it giving these poor old ovaries a hint? (Note that my brain says "Oh, it's a baby. You can keep it. Not for me, thanks!")

On the bright side, whilst it may wail and squall, I guess at least *it* won't be thumping around the place for another four or five months (depending on when it starts rolling).

Now just to get things back on topic, did I show you guys this?


That is what happens when I get some new primary dyes. I try them out on an unwitting skein of yarn or two (in this case Reynolds Sea Wool) to see what colours they come out. I don't think the pink is saturated, btw. The result is, umm, startling to say the least!



  1. oh you poor thing:(
    The yarn is incredible i love it:)

  2. Maybe you should swap apartments with them. Hug xxxx

  3. Sorry about the new neighbors.

  4. Oh dear, that's not very good, although you could live next door to me and have Harki squeaking her squeaky toy endlessly!!
    My word, the dyeing is very bright isn't it!!!!

  5. If it makes you feel any better, your lack of enthusiasm for the close proximity of an infant is not exclusive to the childless. I look at family members with beautiful babies and am grateful I've done my stint.

    Wonderful, but not easy!

  6. Thank you so much for my lovely stitch markers! They are wonderful and I posted a few pics on my blog. Thanks again!

  7. I loove that skein!!!!
    Hmm whats? worse a baby squalling ho doesnt belong to you or living with 5 teen boys(well 3 are the other two not far from) and a girlfriend every now and then,in a smallish house,I work, they dont.....earplugs anyone?


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