Contents revealed!

G'day all!

There have been Events Afoot today! I went and fixed something up but we are keeping mum on it for the time being. Soon all will be revealed!

Plus it rained! This is only the second time it has rained since June. We got rain on Oct 4 - I have Proof!

(as long as you can deal with the video being sideways, and I don't know if this will work - time will tell.)

Some people might think that rain is dull and boring but when it doesn't rain very often, rain is Exciting! Before the rain came a lot of wind - I guess a cold front swung through. With the wind came a LOT of spruce pollen - cars were covered with it! They were all a funny lime yellow. The ground was/is coated with it. Then came the rain showers. So Exciting!

But you aren't here to hear me enthuse about rain. (How I've missed it!) You want to know what was lurking in (and apparently trying to escape from) the box!


This was in the box!


Maybe if I take it out, we can see it better.

Yes, it's a cube of fleece! Yes, this fleece went cubular (I just made that word up) and stayed so even after being taken out of the box.

Meet Ms Tunis. She is a yearling Tunis ewe.

I love the way her fleece broke into waves, and can I just say a fleece that sits like this, rather than being scrappy and bitty, is ideal for the way I wash fleece.

Her fleece was quite clearly not coated but I figured 4.5lb of fleece for just over $20 has to have some entertainment value in it. Tunis fleece is not a fine fleece but the crimp made me curious and it felt ok. Actually, when I bought it, all I noticed was the price. I had not translated the heiroglyphics on the card.


So Ms Tunis came home with me! Well via a number of UPS vans and trucks one suspects.

What else was in the box?


Ms Missy! Look at her. Isn't she gorgeous?


Missy is a yearling ewe from Black Pines Sheep, mostly black with some lighter bits, again due to her CVM heritage. She has a lovely fleece and I can't wait to get into it.

You are getting lots of wide shots cos I can't persuade the camera to take a closeup of the black and today we don't have sun! No sun at all! I've had to have the lights on all day! (That is the down side of rain - no sun! I am solar powered. I fear that living in some parts of the east of the US would drive me bonkers! I need a good dose of sun to get going.)

Look how coal black her fleece is! Some of it really is that black, some is flecked with white and some is almost white!

So that is all the fleece. I hope! Oh, except I think I've forgotten someone. Dang. Have I posted six fleeces yet? I don't think I have cos I couldn't get good pics of the other lamb fleece. It is another gray CVM if I have not posted two gray CVM fleeces.

In other news, I have to knit like a madwoman for the next week to make up some bits and bobs for the table I am getting at the local craft faire! Yay me! I hope I sell something cos so far I've not sold a jot! I'll take along some recycled yarn and some handspun and some hand-dyed and some hand knitted and/or felted items.

Like this:
(Excuse the contrast - the rich colours I often dye yarn do not come up well either on the camera or on screen. It is sock yarn dyed in black, deep crimson and purple, and should self-stripe)

Or this nuno-felted scarf:

Or a handwarmer:
(you reckon I should make them in pairs? Most people have two hands after all)

Or some luscious laceweight!

Does this hat make my nose look enormous or what?
(Would you buy a used hat off this woman?)

OK, now that you are exhausted, I shall let you go. I need to find a nice snacky-doodle before I go off to a meetup!



  1. I love your new word, You Cubular Belle!! Nice fleece: I appreciate fleece though I don't wantr to touch it!!
    Lovely dyeing and yes, two handwarmers and no, your hat looks very nice!!!

  2. How are you moving about the flat with all that fleece?

    and I love the hat!


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