More fleece pr0n

G'day all!

I am a total fleece bore at the moment. I have been having a lovely time going through my SIX new fleeces and washing some up just to see how it comes up.

So meet Ms Cormo. Here she is all cocooned up,

and released! Blessed release!

Ms Cormo lacks a name - she seems to just be Another Sheep. Just Another Sheep. Maybe I should call her Jas.

Her locks are not impressively long - much of the fleece seems only to be a couple of inches long. I found some that are a little longer.

I was not so impressed with taking out nearly a pound of fleece cos it had a fair amount of embedded muck/VM/poo in it.
(Not that you can see much of the mucky bit in this shot)

This was a fleece that had a blue dot from the judging (which you can see in the released shot above), which means it is a very good spinning fleece, well skirted and clean. I'm not so sure the judge looked at the whole fleece. But I am very happy with what I've washed up so far. Very white, very soft! Roll around in it nekkid type soft!

Let's move on and meet Jasmine, my dark grey CVM fleece (With brown tips). Isn't she happy to be released from that nasty cocoon! Just look how she exploded out!



Look at those luscious butt tips! And the spots! Hence the (Californian) Variegated Mutant. Yep, love me some mutie!

She also came from Black Pines Sheep.

Look at the length of that light grey lock! She has some lighter patches on her and this is from one of them. Not all her fleece is this long - alas the "shearer from hell" shore the sheep last year and he is Mr Second Cuts. I guess he is used to shearing sheep to get the fleece off them, not so that it can be spun. (I've noticed that there are a lot of people here who keep sheep to act as lawn mowers.)

Are you sick of fleece yet? Are you still waiting to see what was in the box? Did I mention that I only brought four fleece home with me and had to mail two? Can you now guess what was in the box?



  1. I love seeing these cocoons explode. Was fun wrapping them up so tightly to get them in the suitcase tho.


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