Rhinebeck Fleece Pr0n

G'day all!

Busy days here. I can't imagine what it would be like if I was working. The place is a shambles maybe because I am home and somewhat unfocussed.

I have lots of pics to share of all sorts of things but I'll try to keep it in order.

I was thinking maybe I'll start doing Eye Candy Monday (instead of the hordes that do Eye Candy Friday) as many of us need a little pick me up on Mondays. Then I realised that I have Eye Candy, or at least fleece pr0n.

So without further ado, I give you

A cocoon! Feet included in pic to give idea of size.

Let me introduce Laura, now that she is released from her cocoon. All 4.75lb of her.


Laura is a CVM/Romeldale ewe from Black Pines Sheep in Colorado. She has lovely variegated grey fleece. Some of her fleece is sparkling white (well once washed it will be)

and some is a light grey, and a whole lot is sorta speckled.

Like all CVM, she has more than one colour fleece, and more than one colour within each lock. Don't you just want to dive right into those locks?

Some of Laura is being washed right now. I hope she is as much fun to play with as the other CVM fleece I've had.

(Am I the only person who finds Flickr is horribly flakey? I try to add tags and make sets and half the time it fails miserably. I can't work out if it is my end or theirs but it seems to be a database problem)

I have lots of news, pics, knitting, fleece and ramblings to mumble about but really? I gotta clean the kitchen and have a shower (I don't shower until after I finished playing with dirty fleece cos if I shower before, I'll need another one) and go for a wander just to escape the squalling. Upstairs' baby is very upset today - he is 5 months old and seems to get awful colic. He does a lot of very angry crying too. I would've pegged him as being maybe 4 months old if he is lucky but I guess that I knew too many babies that were in the 95th percentile and upwards. At least he isn't as scrawny as the baby of one of Nathan's friends - I pegged it at about 6 weeks but it was nearly four months! Babies should be chubby little things in my mind, not skinny little critters.



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