At long last

G'day all!

This last week or so has been a bit of a learning curve.

I have
a) got my temporary driving license for California (despite still not being sure who gives way to whom at corners - does a left hand turner give way to a right hand turner or what?), and
b) managed to get a web page or two cobbled together under CSS.

Now there are plenty more things I need to work on, but hooray for me!

Go here. That is the link to my new online shop, such as it is. I haven't set up paypal or anything else with it yet - still working on that. But I am populating the pages with yarn. Let me know if you want to buy anything or if anything doesn't work for you.

I am also not feeling (or BEING!) very communicative - I think I am hunkered down in my cave at present. I positively hate this time of year with the days getting shorter and shorter, sunset pulling back to almost as far as it will go (except we have not lost daylight saving yet). I used to love September and October but now we are in a different hemisphere, I don't! Soon it will be dark by 6pm. (I am sooo not a short days gal.) I have to organise stuff for Rhinebeck (sorry!) and also the car we are buying (sorry again! I'll turn the mobile phone back on promise!). I've not been reading many blogs even though I've been on the computer lots and lots.

I've been dyeing yarn madly - I seem to be in a goth stage at present, or maybe it is just I am using up my old dyes so I can get a whole new batch.

I also have a new FO to show off, a tank, just in time for winter, only I can only get shots outside of it but it flares madly in sunlight but without sunlight blurs.... Eh, I shall edit the pics and show them to you anyway.

I want to get a haircut, the first professional cut in nearly 5 years! But when I look at

  • a trip to Rhinebeck for me
  • undoubted overindulgence on wool/fleece/etc
  • a trip to Portland for DH
  • a new digital camera (we are both away at the same time on different sides of the continent and both wanting to take pics)
  • a new day pack (the zip just gave out on the old one)
  • a car
  • me buying dyeing stuff and yarn for the shop....

well, I just can't justify Even More Expenditure. I need to find me a job but I just don't know where to start looking. I look at the universities here but they have very little on offer.

Heh. I am not unhappy, just not energised at present. I'm not sure what it is, probably stress from the financial happenings at present and ongoing not quite sure of our future in the US.

Anyway, I'll be back with pics of yarn I've dyed and the red tank, possibly not in that order!



  1. It's ok to feel like that - I'm feeling craptastic at the moment and not very communicative at the moment either. Congratulations on passing your driving test and looking forward to seeing what you get in Rhinebeck. I hope that things go well.


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